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Action Replay Codes

  1. Master Code
    0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
    EE85F492 BCC65302
  2. Barnstorming Commercial
    CE9C85EA BCA99B84
  3. Boxing Commercial
    CE9C849A BCA99B84
  4. Chopper Command Commercial
    CE9C844A BCA99B84
  5. Freeway Commercial
    CE9C7B8A BCA99B84
  6. Grand Prix Commercial
    CE9C7B4A BCA99B84
  7. Ice Hockey Commercial
    CE9C7B6A BCA99B84
  8. Kabobber Commercial
    CE9C7B7A BCA99B84
  9. Kaboom Commercial
    CE9C7B0A BCA99B84
  10. Laser Blast Commercial
    CE9C7B2A BCA99B84
  11. MegaMania Commercial
    CE9C7B3A BCA99B84
  12. Pitfall Commercial
    CE9C7AFA BCA99B84
  13. River Raid Commercial
    CE9C7A6A BCA99B84
  14. Skiing Commercial
    CE9C7A3A BCA99B84
  15. Stampede Commercial
    CE9C798A BCA99B84
  16. Starmaster Commercial
    CE9C799A BCA99B84
  17. Tennis Commercial
    CE9C79AA BCA99B84
  18. Unlock Mode Codes

  19. Unlock Cube
    CE9C86F2 BCA99B84
  20. Unlock Ricochet
    CE9C85FE BCA99B84
  21. Unlock Whirl
    CE9C85FA BCA99B84
  22. Unlock Bungee
    CE9C8586 BCA99B84
  23. Unlock Tilt-O-Vision
    CE9C8582 BCA99B84
  24. Unlock Motion Blur
    CE9C858E BCA99B84
  25. Unlock Breathing
    CE9C858A BCA99B84
  26. Unlock Warped
    CE9C8596 BCA99B84
  27. Unlock Distortion
    CE9C8592 BCA99B84
  28. Unlock Starfield
    CE9C859E BCA99B84
  29. Unlock Hyperspace
    CE9C859A BCA99B84
  30. Unlock V-Hold
    CE9C85A6 BCA99B84
  31. Unlock Mutli-Screen
    CE9C85A2 BCA99B84
  32. Unlock Disco
    CE9C85AE BCA99B84
  33. Unlock Cloudcover
    CE9C85AA BCA99B84
  34. Unlock Patch Codes

  35. Barnstorming
    CE9C85EE BCA99B87
  36. Beamrider
    CE9C84FE BCA99B84
  37. Chopper Command
    CE9C844E BCA99B85
  38. Ice Hockey
    CE9C7B6E BCA99B86
  39. Dolphin
    CE9C842E BCA99B8B
  40. HERO
    CE9C7B5E BCA99B8C
  41. Kaboom
    CE9C7B0E BCA99B8D
  42. Laser Blast
    CE9C7B2E BCA99B8E
  43. Private Eye
    CE9C7ABE BCA99B90
  44. Stampede
    CE9C798E BCA99B91
  45. Space Shuttle
    CE9C7ADE BCA99B92
  46. Spider Fighter
    CE9C7AEE BCA99B93
  47. Tennis
    CE9C79AE BCA99B94
  48. MegaMania
    CE9C7B3E BCA99B95
  49. Frostbite
  50. Freeway
    CE9C7B8E BCA99B9B
  51. Grand Prix
    CE9C7B4E BCA99B9C
  52. Crackpots
    CE9C847E BCA99B9E
  53. Skiing
    CE9C7A3E BCA99BA2
  54. Pitfall
  55. Pressure Cooker
  56. River Raid
    CE9C7A6E BCA99BA5
  57. Seaquest
    CE9C7A1E BCA99BA6
  58. Starmaster
    CE9C799E BCA99BA8
  59. Do you know any additional codes for this game? Is there an error listed above? Let us know about is below and we’ll update the list.

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