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Game Genie Codes

  1. 402C-D7D1
    Infinite Lives
  2. DF28-D404
    Start with 1 Life
  3. D128-D404
    Start with 6 Lives
  4. DB28-D404
    Start with 9 Lives
  5. FE89-DF69
    Less Invincibility Time
  6. EE89-DF69
    More Invincibility Time
  7. D98C-0D05
    5 Seconds Picked Up
  8. 7A8C-0D05
    1 Minute Picked Up
  9. FD89-07D5
    16% Picked Up from “7Up”
  10. DD26-D4D9
    Be Able to Free Fellow Spot Right Away

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