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Game Genie Codes

  1. C92C-47D8
    No Enemies and Bosses Are Invisible
  2. FD68-34C7 + FD82-370B
    Start with 1/2 Energy
  3. F268-34C7 + F282-370B
    Start with 3/4 Energy
  4. 50C7-3DD8
    1 Hit Kills Almost Everything
  5. DFEA-34A1
    Start with 1 Life
  6. D9EA-34A1
    Start with 5 Lives
  7. DBEA-34A1
    Start with 9 Lives
  8. DEEA-34A1
    Start with 15 Lives
  9. FBEA-34A1
    Start with 25 Lives
  10. CBC1-3D60
    Infinite Lives

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