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Fatal Fury 2 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Fatal Fury 2 on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  1. DD7E 7FDD
    Infinite Time
  2. D47E 7FDD
    Timer is 2X Fast
  3. D77E 7FDD
    Timer is 3X Fast
  4. C250 7FA7
    Computer Can’t Win a Round(Except Last Round – The Game Ends After 4 Rounds)
  5. CB85 E40F + D685 E46F + DD85 E4AF
    Player 1 is Billy Kane
  6. DB85 E46F + CB85 E40F + DD85 E4AF
    Player 1 is Axel Hawk
  7. CB85 E40F + DD85-E4AF + DC85-E46F
    Player 1 is Lawrence B
  8. D885 E46F + CB85 E40F + DD85 E4AF
    Player 1 is Wolfgang Krauser
  9. CB82 E40F + D682 E46F + DD82 E4AF
    Player 2 is Billy Kane
  10. DB82 E46F + CB82-E40F + DD82-E4AF
    Player 2 is Axel Hawk
  11. DC82 E46F + CB82-E40F + DD82-E4AF
    Player 2 is Lawrence B
  12. D882 E46F + CB82 E40F + DD82 E4AF
    Player 2 is Wolfgang Krauser
  13. Note: Codes 13 & 14 Affect Straight-Up Jumps Only

  14. FDD5-EFCB
    Super Jump for Player 1
  15. EED5-EFCB
    Bogus Jump for Player 1
  16. 6D7D-54AD
    Infinite Energy for Player 1
  17. Note: For Code 19, turn effects off after you press START in the code screen and keep off until the Character Select Screen

  18. 7D78-770D
    Start With 1/2 Energy

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