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Fatal Fury – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Fatal Fury on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

    Note: You must turn off code 1 on Bonus Rounds

  1. DFA5-64DF
    Win 1 Bout to Win the Match Instead of 2 Out of 3
  2. FDC7-AFAF
    10 Seconds to Complete Bonus Rounds
  3. 7DC7-AFAF
    30 Seconds to Complete Bonus Rounds
  4. 09C7-AFAF
    45 Seconds to Complete Bonus Rounds
  5. 1DC7-AFAF
    60 Seconds to Complete Bonus Rounds
  6. BDC7-AFAF
    90 Seconds to Complete Bonus Rounds
  7. Note: For codes 7 – 14 to work, you must select The West Subway

  8. BAB4-6DAD + D7BC-A46D
    Always Fight Richard Myer
  9. BAB4-6DAD + D0BC-A46D
    Always Fight Michael Max
  10. BAB4-6DAD + D9BC-A46D
    Always Fight Duck King
  11. BAB4-6DAD + D1BC-A46D
    Always Fight Tung Fu Rue
  12. BAB4-6DAD + D5BC-A46D
    Always Fight Hwa Jai
  13. BAB4-6DAD + D6BC-A46D
    Always Fight Raiden
  14. BAB4-6DAD + DBBC-A46D
    Always Fight Billy Kane
  15. BAB4-6DAD + DCBC-A46D
    Always Fight Geese Howard
  16. F6CD-A4AF
    Both Players Start With 1/4 Health

  17. 7DCD-A4AF
    Both Players Start With 1/2 Health

  18. 06CD-A4AF
    Both Players Start With 3/4 Health

  19. C2A9-D40F
    Player 1 Takes Minimum Damage

  20. C2A2-DF6F
    Player 2 or Computer Takes Minimum Damage

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