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Final Fight 2 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Final Fight 2 on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  1. DDCE-1D6B
    Infinite Lives
  2. DDCF-C7D6
    Start With 1 Life
  3. D4CF-C7D6
    Start With 3 Lives
  4. D1CF-C7D6
    Start With 7 Lives
  5. DBCF-C7D6
    Start With 10 Lives
  6. DDA0-1DDC
    Infinite Time
  7. D4A0-1DDC
    Faster Timer
  8. 0DED-1DAC
    Barbecue Restores Vitality 50% Instead of 95%
  9. DDED-1DAC
    Barbecue Worth Nothing
  10. 6DEE-470C
    Soft Drink Restores Vitality 95%
  11. DDEE-470C
    Soft Drink Worth Nothing
  12. 33C5-1404
    Both Players Can Select Same Character
  13. DDB4-4708
    Players 1 and 2 Can’t Harm Each Other in a 2-Player Game
  14. D46A-14AF
    Slow Motion (Switch Off Before Play Begins)
  15. DFCC-C4DB
    Hitting Someone With Your Super Move Makes You Invincible
  16. 0DCC-C4DB
    Hitting Someone With Your Super Move Uses All Your Energy

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