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Game Genie Codes

  1. A9C3-6F66 + D433-0D6F
    Infinite lives
  2. 29A1-0DA1 + DDCF-A4AC
    Infinite Energy Except Against Special Weapons (Example: Knife) and Special Attacks (Example: Andore’s Headlock and Jump Attack)
  3. A2C0-A7D0
    Stop Timer
  4. D4C9-AFD0
    Slower Timer
  5. DDC9-AFD0
    Faster Timer
  6. DD8D-6F06
    Any Food Restores All Energy
  7. DFC8-D4A1
    Start With 2 Credits
  8. D9C8-D4A1
    Start With 6 Credits
  9. DBC8-D4A1
    Start With 10 Credits

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