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Game Genie Codes

  1. DD6E-440D + D96E-446D
    Start With $128,000
  2. 5D6E-440D + D76E-446D
    Start With $88,000
  3. 6D6E-440D
    Start With $12,800
  4. C224-CF8F
    Repair 10% of Car for $100
  5. 3324-C45F
    Repair 10% of Car for Free
  6. C22A-377D
    Free Turbos

    Note: For codes 7 AND 8, you must have the full price of Turbo.

  7. DC28-348D + DD28-34ED
    Turbos for $1,000
  8. F028-348D + DD28-34ED
    Turbos for $2,000
  9. D169-443B
    Start With 6-Speed Transmission
  10. 8B81-34D7
    Don’t Take Damage in Races

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