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Game Genie Codes

  1. 4DB4-D401
    Move Around Caves and the World Map Quicker (Note: Except When Leaving a Vehicle)
  2. 8236-0F34
    Infinite Hit Points
  3. 823A-0FC4
    Infinite Magic Points in Battle
  4. DDB8-6FD9
    No HP Lost When Walking Over Swamp Ground
  5. D0B8-6FD9
    More HP Lost When Walking Over Swamp Ground
  6. DF30-A718
    Cheap Bombs
  7. DF3C-0D18
    Cheap Smokeballs
  8. 6D8F-0DC4
    Immune to All Status Effects (Stone, Poison, Confused, Etc…)
  9. 95A8-67A4
    Shopkeepers Don’t Charge for Purchases (Only Works on Some Shops)
  10. FD34-0448
    More Agility Points from Speed Potion
  11. FD30-0438
    More Intelligence Points from Mind Potion
  12. FD31-07C8
    More Strength Points from Great Potion
  13. FD3D-0F18
    Higher Max Level of Magic Points from Spell Potion
  14. FD33-DDC8
    Higher Max Level of Hit Points from Power Potion

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