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Game Shark Codes

  1. 80130004 00FF
    Max Muscle
  2. 8012FE2C 00FF
    Max Endurance
  3. 8012FC54 00FF
    Max Speed
  4. 8012FA7C 00FF
    Max Reflexes
  5. 8012F8A4 00FF
    Max Tricks
  6. 8012F6CC 00FF
    Max Skateboarding
  7. 8012F4F4 00FF
    Max Inlineskating
  8. 8012F31C 00FF
    Max Snowboarding
  9. 8012F144 00FF
    Max Mountainbiking
  10. 8012EF6C 00FF
    Max Handling (Skate Board)
  11. 8012ED94 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Skate Board)
  12. 8012EBBC 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Skate Board)
  13. 8012E9E4 00FF
    Max Handling (Inline Skates)
  14. 8012E80C 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Inline Skates)
  15. 8012E634 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Inline Skates)
  16. 8012E45C 00FF
    Max Handling (Snow Board)
  17. 8012E284 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Snow Board)
  18. 8012E0AC 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Snow Board)
  19. 8012DED4 00FF
    Max Handling (Mountain Bike)
  20. 8012DCFC 00FF
    Max Acceleration (Mountain Bike)
  21. 8012DB24 00FF
    Max Top Speed (Mountain Bike)

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