CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [US]

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [US]

The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[Infinite Inventory Items, Slot1]
08A6C22C 00000009
08A6C230 00000009
08A6C234 00000009
08A6C238 00000009
08A6C23C 00000009
08A6C240 00000009

[Have K O N G, Slot1]
08A6C1A0 00000001
08A6C1A4 00000001
08A6C1A8 00000001
08A6C1AC 00000001

[500 Banana Coins, Slot1]
08A6C170 000001F4

[Invincible Golden, Slot1]
08A6C17C 000000FF

[Infinite Health, Slot1]
08A6C174 00000003
68A6C178 00000000
08A6C178 00000003
D0000000 00000000

[Infinite Green Balloon Use, Slot1]
08A6C188 00000003

[Infinite Lives, Slot1]
08A6C198 00000063

[Infinite Inventory Items, Slot2]
08A6DF54 00000009
08A6DF58 00000009
08A6DF5C 00000009
08A6DF60 00000009
08A6DF64 00000009
08A6DF68 00000009

[Have K O N G, Slot2]
08A6DEC8 00000001
08A6DECC 00000001
08A6DED0 00000001
08A6DED4 00000001

[Infinite Lives, Slot2]
08A6DEC0 00000063

[Infinite Green Balloon Use, Slot2]
08A6DEB0 00000003

[Invincible Golden, Slot2]
08A6DEA4 000000FF

[Infinite Health, Slot2]
08A6DE9C 00000003
68A6DEA0 00000000
08A6DEA0 00000003
D0000000 00000000

[500 Banana Coins, Slot2]
08A6DE98 000001F4

[Infinite Inventory Items, Slot3]
08A6FC7C 00000009
08A6FC80 00000009
08A6FC84 00000009
08A6FC88 00000009
08A6FC8C 00000009
08A6FC90 00000009

[Have K O N G, Slot3]
08A6FBF0 00000001
08A6FBF4 00000001
08A6FBF8 00000001
08A6FBFC 00000001

[Infinite Lives, Slot3]
08A6FBE8 00000063

[Infinite Green Balloon Use, Slot3]
08A6FBD8 00000003

[Invincible Golden, Slot3]
08A6FBCC 000000FF

[Infinite Health, Slot3]
08A6FBC4 00000003
68A6FBC8 00000000
08A6FBC8 00000003
D0000000 00000000

[500 Banana Coins, Slot3]
08A6FBC0 000001F4

[Infinite DK Barrel]
08A6C184 00000002

[Infinite Crash Guard]
08A6C190 00000002

[Jump in Mid-Air (Hold R)]
D3000000 00000000
002771BC E51F2000
002771C0 EA000000
002771C4 1000001C
002771C8 E5922001
002771CC E3120001
002771D0 0A00003B
002771D4 E1A00004
002771D8 E3A02001
002771DC E5C02311
D2000000 00000000

D3000000 00000000
00263268 EDC79AC3
D2000000 00000000

[Have All Puzzle Pieces]
D3000000 00000000
00364908 E3A01001
0036490C E5C0100F
D2000000 00000000

[Invincibility Alternate(Have to use Jump in Midair because pits don't kill you]
D3000000 00000000
00278338 E1A00000
001B43B0 E1A00000
D2000000 00000000

[Timer Doesn't Increase(Time Attack)]
D3000000 00000000
001F9A68 E1A00000
D2000000 00000000
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