CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [US]

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [US]

The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[Change casual mode v1.0]
B05C5CF4 00000000
90000038 FF7F0000
DA000000 00000038
D4000000 00000080
D7000000 00000038
D2000000 00000000

[Change classic mode v1.0]
B05C5CF4 00000000
A0000038 FF7F0000
DA000000 00000038
D4000000 FFFFFF80
D7000000 00000038
D2000000 00000000

[Max Renown v1.0]
B05C5CF4 00000000
00000070 0098967F
D2000000 00000000

[Gold Coin 996 v1.0]
00434510 E51F0130
0043453C E2804C02
00434540 E3A00FF9
00434544 E1C404BC
00434548 E8BD8010

[Silver Coin 9984 v1.0]
00434600 E51F0220
0043462C E2804C02
00434630 E3A00C27
00434634 E1C405B2
00434638 E8BD8010

[Bookmark does not disappear v1.0]
003B9B38 E12FFF1E

[Get Exp 100(START+UP;ON, START+DOWN;OFF) v1.0]
DD000000 00000048
004500D4 E3A00064
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000088
004500D4 C3A00064
D0000000 00000000

[Able to control enemy v1.0]
002F9664 E1500000

[Infinite Movement v1.0]
002F9670 E1500000

[Able to item trade with the enemy v1.0]
00333DDC E1500000

[Well does not wither v1.0]
0042C5CC EA000000
0042C3E0 EA000000

[Anywhere starting position in preparations (including enemy) v1.0]
002F96EC E1500000
002F96FC EA000007
002F9730 E3A00001
00307754 E3100B02
003077BC E3100B02

[Able to use convoy anyone v1.0]
0031C6FC E1A00000
0031CB68 E1A00000

[All status up by LV up(Growth Rate must be Large than 1%) v1.0]
00356D14 E3A00001

[Inf Use Mira Gear v1.0]
0043436C 13A00001

[Infinite item usage v1.0]
001D72DC E1A00000

[Instant Message v1.0]
0039B624 E35000FF

[Run through monsters in 3D dungeons v1.0]
0017ECCC EA00003F

[Can Retreat from battle the first turn v1.0]
0044D050 E3500001

[Instant support convo v1.0]
001F7FAC E3A00006
001F7FC4 E2400001
001F7FC8 E5C40019
001F7FCC E1500000

[Infnite HP v1.0]
005270D0 E1A00004
005270D4 E3550000
005270D8 112FFF1E
005270DC E59640CC
005270E0 E3540000
005270E4 012FFF1E
005270E8 E5D44008
005270EC E3540000
005270F0 13540003
005270F4 112FFF1E
005270F8 E3A050FF
005270FC E59640C4
00527100 E5C4503C
00527104 E2800064
00527108 E35000FF
0052710C A3A000FF
00527110 E5C600E3
00527114 E5C60404
00527118 E12FFF1E
00451A9C EB03558B

[All class selectable by class change v1.0]
00527140 E59F0010
00527144 E5900000
00527148 E5900000
0052714C E0800385
00527150 E0800285
00527154 E12FFF1E
00527158 0065F14C
001D12D8 E3A00049
001D12DC E59FA178
001D12E0 E58D0024
001D1308 EB0D578C
001D1344 E3A00000
001FBCDC E3A00001
001FBCEC EA000036

[Attck renge 100 v1.0]
00527200 E1A00004
00527204 E59740CC
00527208 E5D44008
0052720C E3540000
00527210 03A00064
00527214 E12FFF1E
004534DC EB034F47
00527218 E59060CC
0052721C E5D66008
00527220 E3560000
00527224 03A05001
00527228 028EEF5E
0052722C 11A06002
00527230 E12FFF1E
00452EAC EB0350D9

[Move Distance Max v1.0]
00527240 E59640CC
00527244 E3540000
00527248 08BD8070
0052724C E5D44008
00527250 E3540000
00527254 13540003
00527258 18BD8070
0052725C E3A04032
00527260 E5C640DF
00527264 E8BD8070
00451AA0 EA0355E6

[On Map Can Teleport v1.0]
E0527280 00000068
B50F7B00 48152200
69C06800 D1002808
0A002202 D1002808
2A002201 4810D01D
23546800 2B065CC3
2201D100 6809490D
29006849 203DD011
28005C08 3A01D100
D0012A00 E7F46EC9
64089819 6488981B
D1022B06 23002202
BD0FE7E8 005AB99C
005C5CF4 005E9278
0036E9E0 FA06E226

[Can Get both Dean and Sonya v1.0]
DD000000 00000108
B05C5CF4 00000000
B0000024 00000000
B0000010 00000000
200003E0 00000001
D2000000 00000000
DD000000 00000208
B05C5CF4 00000000
B0000024 00000000
B0000010 00000000
200003E0 00000002
D2000000 00000000

[All Support rank A v1.0]
00527300 E92D4002
00527304 E59F1008
00527308 E5801018
0052730C E1D001D8
00527310 E8BD8002
00527314 63626203
003A27BC EB0612CF

[All Maximum Stats 99 v1.0]
00451978 E3A0C063
0045197C E5C0C03C
00451980 E59600C8
00451984 E0804005
00451988 E5D4402C
0045198C E084400C
00451990 EA000002

[All Weapon equipment possible v1.0]
0044FE64 E3A00001
0044FE68 E12FFF1E

[Even if you kill Zeke you can get Tatiana & Zeke v1.0]
605C5CF4 00000000
B05C5CF4 00000000
B0000024 00000000
B0000010 00000000
20000440 00000001
20000444 00000000
D2000000 00000000

[Remove Characters(Hold R & Quit "Order" menu) v1.0]
00527400 E1A06000
00527404 E92D401F
00527408 E59F001C
0052740C E5904000
00527410 E594003C
00527414 E3A01007
00527418 E3A02001
0052741C EBF8BE85
00527420 E3A00000
00527424 E584003C
00527428 E8BD801F
0052742C 005C26CC
003CCB7C E1A06000
DD000000 00000100
003CCB7C EB056A1F
D0000000 00000000

[Critical 100% v1.1]
00527D80 E5942004
00527D84 E59220CC
00527D88 E5D22008
00527D8C E3520000
00527D90 03A00064
00527D94 E0833000
00527D98 E12FFF1E
002EFD74 EB08E001
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