CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [EU]

Mega Man Legacy Collection - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [EU]

The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Mega Man Legacy Collection on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[Infinite Health (Megaman 1)]
28E342B5 0000001C

[Infinite Lives (Megaman 1)]
28E342F1 00000063

[Infinite Rolling Cutter Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342B6 0000001C

[Infinite Ice Slasher Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342B7 0000001C

[Infinite Hyper Bomb Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342B8 0000001C

[Infinite Fire Storm Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342B9 0000001C

[Infinite Thunder Beam Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342BA 0000001C

[Infinite Super Arm Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342BB 0000001C

[Infinite Magnet Beam Gauge (Megaman 1)]
28E342BC 0000001C

[Infinite Health (Megaman 2)]
28EFEFDB 0000001C

[Infinite Lives (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9C3 00000064

[Unlock All Weapons (Megaman 2)]
18EFE9B5 00000FFF

[Infinite Atomic Fire Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9B7 0000001C

[Infinite Air Shooter Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9B8 0000001C

[Infinite Leaf Shield Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9B9 0000001C

[Infinite Bubble Lead Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BA 0000001C

[Infinite Quick Boomerang Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BB 0000001C

[Infinite Time Stopper Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BC 0000001C

[Infinite Metal Blade Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BD 0000001C

[Infinite Crash Bomber Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BE 0000001C

[Infinite Item 1 Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9BF 0000001C

[Infinite Item 2 Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9C0 0000001C

[Infinite Item 3 Gauge (Megaman 2)]
28EFE9C1 0000001C

[Infinite Lives (Megaman 3)]
28F22DC1 00000099

[Infinite Health (Megaman 3)]
28F22DB5 0000009C

[Infinite Gemini Laser Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DB6 0000009C

[Infinite Needle Cannon Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DB7 0000009C

[Infinite Hard Knuckle Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DB8 0000009C

[Infinite Magnet Missile Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DB9 0000009C

[Infinite Top Spin Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBA 0000009C

[Infinite Search Snake Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBB 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Coil Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBC 0000009C

[Infinite Spark Shock Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBD 0000009C

[Infinite Shadow Blade Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBE 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Marine Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DBF 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Jet Gauge (Megaman 3)]
28F22DC0 0000009C

[Infinite Lives & Infinite "E" (Megaman 4)]
18F451D0 00009999

[Infinite Health (Megaman 4)]
28F451DF 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Coil Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E0 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Jet Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E1 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Marine Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E2 0000009C

[Infinite Rain Flush Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E3 0000009C

[Infinite Wire Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E4 0000009C

[Infinite Balloon Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E5 0000009C

[Infinite Dive Missile Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E6 0000009C

[Infinite Ring Boomerang Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E7 0000009C

[Infinite Drill Bomb Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E8 0000009C

[Infinite Dust Crusher Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451E9 0000009C

[Infinite Pharaoh Shot Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451EA 0000009C

[Infinite Flash Stopper Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451EB 0000009C

[Infinite Skull Barrier Gauge (Megaman 4)]
28F451EC 0000009C

[Infinite Lives (Megaman 5)]
28F6961A 00000009

[Infinite Health (Megaman 5)]
28F6960B 0000009C

[Infinite "E" (Megaman 5)]
28F69618 00000009

[Infinite "M" (Megaman 5)]
28F69619 00000009

[Infinite Water Wave Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F6960C 0000009C

[Infinite Gyro Attack Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F6960D 0000009C

[Infinite Crystal Eye Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F6960E 0000009C

[Infinite Napalm Bomb Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F6960F 0000009C

[Infinite Super Arrow Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69610 0000009C

[Infinite Power Stone Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69611 0000009C

[Infinite Gravity Hold Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69612 0000009C

[Infinite Charge Kick Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69613 0000009C

[Infinite Star Crasher Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69614 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Coil Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69615 0000009C

[Infinite Rush Jet Gauge (Megaman 5)]
28F69616 0000009C

[Infinite Lives (Megaman 6)]
28F8BA20 00000009

[Infinite Health (Megaman 6)]
28F8BD5C 0000001B

[Infinite Jet Megaman Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8BA13 00000013

[Infinite Yamato Spear Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C000 0000001B

[Infinite Wind Storm Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C001 0000001B

[Infinite Blizzard Attack Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C002 0000001B

[Infinite Flame Blast Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C003 0000001B

[Infinite Plant Barrier Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C004 0000001B

[Infinite Knight Crush Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C005 0000001B

[Infinite Silver Tomahawk Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C006 0000001B

[Infinite Centaur Flash Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C007 0000001B

[Infinite Beat Gauge (Megaman 6)]
28F8C008 0000001B
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