CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [EU]

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [EU]

The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[All characters HP/SP]
C0000000 00000014
005B1DFC 03E703E7
105B1E2C 000003E7
105B1E30 000003E7
DC000000 0000009C
D1000000 00000000

[Max Money]
005B1844 008FFFFF

[All Char.and their Personas Level 99 after battle]
C0000000 00000014
005B1DE8 004FFFFF
DC000000 0000009C
D1000000 00000000

[All char.persona stats]
C0000000 00000014
005B1E00 00630063
005B1E04 00630063
205B1E08 00000063
DC000000 0000009C
D1000000 00000000

[Warehouse items x99]
C0000000 0000007A
205B2D2A 00000063
DC000000 00000010
D1000000 00000000

[Yu Narukami (P4 Hero) HP/SP]
005B1DFC 03E703E7
105B1E2C 000003E7
105B1E30 000003E7

[Yu Narukami Persona Stats]
005B1E00 00630063
005B1E04 00630063
205B1E08 00000063

[Tatsuya (P3 Hero) HP/SP]
005B1E98 03E703E7
105B1EC8 000003E7
105B1ECC 000003E7

[Tatsuya Persona stats]
005B1E9C 00630063
005B1EA0 00630063
205B1EA4 00000063

[Yosuke Hanamura HP/SP]
005B1F34 03E703E7
105B1F64 000003E7
105B1F68 000003E7

[Yosuke Persona stats]
005B1F38 00630063
005B1F3C 00630063
205B1F40 00000063

[Chie Satonaka HP/SP]
005B1FD0 03E703E7
105B2000 000003E7
105B2004 000003E7

[Chie Persona stats]
005B1FD4 00630063
005B1FD8 00630063
205B1FDC 00000063

[Yukiko Amagi HP/SP]
005B206C 03E703E7
105B209C 000003E7
105B20A0 000003E7

[Yukiko Persona stats]
005B2070 00630063
005B2074 00630063
205B2078 00000063

[Rise Kujikawa HP/SP]
005B2108 03E703E7
105B2138 000003E7
105B213C 000003E7

[Rise Persona stats]
005B210C 00630063
005B2112 00630063
205B2116 00000063

[Kanji Tatsumi HP/SP]
005B21A4 03E703E7
105B21D4 000003E7
105B21D8 000003E7

[Kanji Persona stats]
005B21A8 00630063
005B21AC 00630063
205B21B0 00000063

[Naoto Shirogane HP/SP]
005B2240 03E703E7
105B2270 000003E7
105B2274 000003E7

[Naoto Persona stats]
005B2244 00630063
005B2248 00630063
205B224C 00000063

[Teddie HP/SP]
005B22DC 03E703E7
105B230C 000003E7
105B2310 000003E7

[Teddie Persona stats]
005B22E0 00630063
005B22E4 00630063
205B22E8 00000063

[Yukari HP/SP]
005B2378 03E703E7
105B23A8 000003E7
105B23AC 000003E7

[Yukari Persona stats]
005B237C 00630063
005B2380 00630063
205B2384 00000063

[Junpei HP/SP]
005B2414 03E703E7
105B2444 000003E7
105B2448 000003E7

[Junpei Persona stats]
005B2418 00630063
005B241C 00630063
205B2420 00000063

[Akihiko HP/SP]
005B24B0 03E703E7
105B24E0 000003E7
105B24E4 000003E7

[Akihiko Persona stats]
005B24B4 00630063
005B24B8 00630063
205B24BC 00000063

[Mitsuru HP/SP]
005B254C 03E703E7
105B257C 000003E7
105B2580 000003E7

[Mitsuru Persona stats]
005B2550 00630063
005B2554 00630063
205B2558 00000063

[Fuuka HP/SP]
005B25E8 03E703E7
105B2618 000003E7
105B261C 000003E7

[Fuuka Persona stats]
005B25EC 00630063
005B25F0 00630063
205B25F4 00000063

[Aigis HP/SP]
005B2684 03E703E7
105B26B4 000003E7
105B26B8 000003E7

[Aigis Persona stats]
005B2688 00630063
005B268C 00630063
205B2690 00000063

[Ken HP/SP]
005B2720 03E703E7
105B2750 000003E7
105B2754 000003E7

[Ken Persona stats]
005B2724 00630063
005B2728 00630063
205B272C 00000063

[Koromaru HP/SP]
005B27BC 03E703E7
105B27EC 000003E7
105B27F0 000003E7

[Koromaru Persona stats]
005B27C0 00630063
005B27C4 00630063
205B27C8 00000063

[Shinjiro HP/SP]
005B2858 03E703E7
105B2888 000003E7
105B288C 000003E7

[Shinjiro Persona stats]
005B285C 00630063
005B2860 00630063
205B2864 00000063

[Zen and Rei HP/SP]
005B28F4 03E703E7
105B2924 000003E7
105B2928 000003E7

[Zen and Rei Persona stats]
005B28F8 00630063
005B28FC 00630063
205B2900 00000063

[Yu Narukami Lvl99 After Battle]
005B1DE8 004FFFFF

[Tatsuya Lvl99 After Battle]
005B1E84 004FFFFF

[Yosuke Lvl99 After Battle]
005B1F20 004FFFFF

[Chie Lvl99 After Battle]

[Yukiko Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2058 004FFFFF

[Rise Lvl99 After Battle]
005B20F4 004FFFFF

[Kanji Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2190 004FFFFF

[Naoto Lvl99 After Battle]
005B222C 004FFFFF

[Teddie Lvl99 After Battle]
005B22C8 004FFFFF

[Yukari Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2364 004FFFFF

[Junpei Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2400 004FFFFF

[Akihiko Lvl99 After Battle]
005B249C 004FFFFF

[Mitsuru Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2538 004FFFFF

[Fuuka Lvl99 After Battle]
005B25D4 004FFFFF

[Aigis Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2670 004FFFFF

[Ken Lvl99 After Battle]
005B270C 004FFFFF

[Koromaru Lvl99 After Battle]
005B27A8 004FFFFF

[Shinjiro Lvl99 After Battle]
005B2844 004FFFFF

[Zen and Rei Lvl99 After Battle]
005B28E0 004FFFFF
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