CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [CH]

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [CH]

The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on Nintendo 3DS (3DS).


[Max/Inf Ruppees]
10596018 000003E7

[Max Health (Press L)]
DD000000 00000200
10596012 00000140

[Max/Inf Health]
00596012 01400140

[100 golden Skulltulas]
205960B8 00000064

[3 Heartpieces (Press L)]
DD000000 00000200
2059608F 00000030

00595FEC 11112222
00595FF0 33334444
00595FF4 55556666
00595FF8 77778888

[Max/Inf Deku Sticks]
20596076 00000063

[Max/Inf Deku Nuts]
20596077 00000063

[Max/Inf slingshot munition]
2059607C 00000063

[Max/Inf Bombs]
20596078 00000063

[Unlock Small Magicbar (Press L)]
DD000000 00000200
2059601E 00000060

[Refill Small Magicbar (Press R)]
DD000000 00000100
20596017 00000030

[Max/Inf Magic]
20596020 00000001
20596017 00000060

[Unlock all shields/swords/suits]
10596086 00000777

[Unlock all stones/stone of wisdom/Gerudopass]
2059608E 0000007C

[Unlock largest quiver/largest bomb bag/best powerglove/golden scale]
00596088 000184D8

[Unlock all medallions]
2059608C 0000003F

[Refill Health (Press R)]
DD000000 00000100
10596014 00000140

[Unlock Large Magicbar (Press L)]
DD000000 00000200
20596020 00000001

[Refill Large Magicbar (Press R)]
DD000000 00000100
20596017 00000060

[Unlock Enhanced Defense]
20596021 00000001

[Max/Inf Arrows]
20596079 00000063

[Max/Inf Bombchuus]
2059607E 00000063

[Reset Amount of Rupees]
10596018 00000000
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