Code Breaker Codes [US]

Alienators: Evolution Continues - Code Breaker Codes [US]

The following are known Code Breaker Codes for Alienators: Evolution Continues on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

These codes are for the U.S. version of the game.

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    9AC802BB 2C05
    E7C182D5 D722
    C58BD805 DF41
  2. Infinite Health
    1E3F6E50 DC26
  3. Infinite Rapid Fire
    470E3FF7 D3BC
  4. Infinite Shampoo Goo
    6FC473DF F2B0
  5. Infinite Blue Flame
    6F8E77DF F2B4
  6. Infinite Sludge Fire
    4F447BD7 D2B0
  7. Infinite Big Blue Goo
    4F0E7FD7 D2B4
  8. Infinite Blue Goo Grenades
    B1F4112A F749
  9. Have Red Key
    BBF0D712 D035
  10. Have Green Key
    ABE0D610 D0B5
  11. Have Blue Key
    BBBAD312 D031
  12. Have Yellow Key
    ABAAD210 D0B
  13. Have All Cards
    BFF0D742 D054
    E78B86D5 D726
  14. Have Silver Card
    9B70DF1A F035
    8B60DE18 F0B5
  15. Have All Discs
    FE9B8363 964A
    8A2BCA18 F4A3
  16. All Vents Plugged
    842BC8DC BDA2
    E0C184A5 D5CF
  17. All Components Found
    852AD8DC F3B0
    D01B89AF F54B
  18. All Creatures Killed
    C6454E49 F5C6
    C0418CAD F5CF
  19. Start On Stage 1
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    EA8BC295 D4A3
  20. Start On Stage 2
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    EB8AD295 D0B1
  21. Start On Stage 3
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    FA9BC397 D623
  22. Start On Stage 4
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    FB9AD397 D231
  23. Start On Stage 5
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    EAC1C695 DCA7
  24. Start On Stage 6
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    EBC0D695 D8B5
  25. Start On Stage 7
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    FAD1C797 DE27
  26. Start On Stage 8
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    FBD0D797 DA35
  27. Start On Stage 9
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    CA0BCA9D B4A3
  28. Start On Stage 10
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    CB0ADA9D B0B1
  29. Start On Stage 11
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    DA1BCB9F B623
  30. Start On Stage 12
    AEAB82E4 D4CA
    DB1ADB9F B231
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