Code Breaker Codes [US]

Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance - Code Breaker Codes [US]

The following are known CodeBreaker Codes for Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

  1. Enable Code (Must Be On)
    9DCBE8F5 A350
    BD22D085 48B8
    16F46BED 4446
  2. Stop Time
    CEAB03E7 3904
  3. Max Speed
    F132F898 20FB
  4. Invincible
    343B3B8C 00D3
  5. Infinite Bombs
    1212F530 784A
  6. Infinite Lives
    CFC58455 38AC
  7. Max Bombs
    9B24D9A8 4862
  8. Max Fire
    1E2D99AC 0843
  9. All Charabombs
    1AA49D78 300C
    B313BC3A 2038

Have Attributes Codes

  1. Pass Thru Blocks, Flames Pierce All & Push Bombs
    BD450617 BFB8
  2. Pass Thru Blocks, Pass Over Bombs, Flames Pierce All & Remote Bomb
    1E2D99AD 0C43

Have Charabomb Codes

  1. Dorako
    38C48D58 20DE
  2. Ceedrun
    18849D58 30CE
  3. TwinDrag
    38C40F48 00D6
  4. Pterydon
    18841F48 10C6
  5. Stegodon
    38E489D8 209C
  6. Sibaloon
    18A499D8 308C
  7. Sharkun
    38E40BC8 0094
  8. Kai-man
    18A41BC8 1084
  9. Seapony
    3AC48570 205E
  10. Anglar
    1A849570 304E
  11. Pommy
    3AC40760 0056
  12. P.Claw
    1A841760 1046
  13. P.Animal
    3AE481F0 201C
  14. P.Hen
    1AA491F0 300C
  15. P.Beast
    3AE403E0 0014
  16. Elephan
    1AA413E0 1004
  17. Rhinon
    38CACD58 60DF
  18. Youno
    188ADD58 70CF
  19. ToughGuy
    38CA4F48 40D7
  20. BigOx
    188A5F48 50C7
  21. Shargon
    38EAC9D8 609D
  22. P.Dragon
    18AAD9D8 708D
  23. P.Fangs
    38EA4BC8 4095
  24. Sparkun
    18AA5BC8 5085
  25. Rhinaus
    3ACAC570 605F
  26. Elefandon
    1A8AD570 704F
  27. KameKing
    3ACA4760 4057
  28. Th.Liger
    1A8A5760 5047
  29. FlyShark
    3AEAC1F0 601D
  30. Elemouse
    1AAAD1F0 700D
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