Code Breaker Codes [US]

Cruis’n Velocity - Code Breaker Codes [US]

The following are known Code Breaker Codes for Cruis’n Velocity on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

These codes are for the U.S. version of the game.

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    9D298460 D184
    535C27E2 D116
    BB5E2FA3 6364
  2. Always 1st Place
    9D9E2313 5735
  3. Infinite Turbos
    ED70DF89 F7ED
  4. Start On Last Lap 2
    CA6CAF65 6B6F
    893EB3A8 D53C
  5. Start On Last Lap 3
    CA6CAF65 6B6F
    8A3EB3E8 C13E
  6. Start On Last Lap 4
    CA6CAF65 6B6F
    E970DF28 D5BC
  7. Start On Last Lap 5
    CA6CAF65 6B6F
    EA70DF68 C1BE
  8. Start On Last Lap 6
    CA6CAF65 6B6F
    A932D3A8 D5BC
  9. Unlock All Tracks
    72014CAF A84A
  10. Unlock All Cars & Cups
    76543C8A 21C2
  11. Press R For Nitro Boost
    9CD72F12 D4B7
    45A1CF55 7EC9
  12. Always Low Lap Time
    153A534E 7D6E
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