Code Breaker Codes [US]

F-Zero: GP Legend - Code Breaker Codes [US]

The following are known Code Breaker Codes for F-Zero: GP Legend on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

These codes are for the U.S. version of the game.

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    000075EE 000A
    10000B42 0007
  2. Always Low Time
    7201759C 0001
    8201759C 0000
  3. Infinite Health
    820149BA 3400
  4. Turbo Boost
    D0000020 0001
    820149A4 5000
  5. Infinite Boost Time
    720149BC 0001
    320149BC 00FF
  6. Have Booster
    320149EB 0001
  7. Infinite Spare Machines
    3300122D 0004
  8. Always Place 1st
    83001250 0300
    83001252 0102
  9. Start On Last Lap
    720149DC 00FF
    820149DC 0404
  10. Max Race Points
    83001690 03E7
  11. Have All Cars
    82008C18 FFFF
    82008C1A FFFF
  12. Have All Cups Open
    82008C2C FFFF
    82008C28 FFFF
  13. Have All Gran Prix Races Won
    82008C2A FFFF
  14. Have All Zero Test Classes Open
    32008C48 0004
  15. Have All Zero Tests Complete
    42008CAC FFFF
    00000008 0002
  16. Max Cash In Story Mode
    42008C38 FFFF
    00000004 0002
  17. Have All Story Levels Open
    42008C30 1F1F
    00000004 0002
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