CodeBreaker Codes [EU]

Inspector Gadget Racing - CodeBreaker Codes [EU]

The following are known CodeBreaker Codes for Inspector Gadget Racing on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

The codes should work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.

  1. Enable Code (Must Be On)
    00008CA9 000A
    10026448 0007
  2. Unlock All Tours
    83006048 01F9
  3. Unlock All Cars
    33006042 0101
  4. 1 Lap To Race
    73005B82 0001
    33005B82 0003
    73005E22 0101
    33005E21 0001
    33005B83 0000
  5. Infinite Power
    83005B42 0384
  6. Infinite Gadget Power
    83005BE4 0000
  7. Can Fly On Non-Flying Levels
    83005B58 A5B0

Activate Power-Up Codes

  1. Press A+R For Turbo
    74000130 02FE
    83005BC8 0401
  2. Press Up+R For Missiles
    74000130 02BF
    83005BC8 0402
  3. Press Select+R For BubbleGum
    74000130 02FB
    83005BC8 0403
  4. Press Down+R For Shield
    74000130 027F
    83005BC8 0404
These codes have been collected from around the web and all credit goes to the original poster of the code. Notes associated with any code may be written by the original code creator. Some notes have been added or modified from their original source.

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