Code Breaker Codes [US]

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror - Code Breaker Codes [US]

The following are known Code Breaker Codes for Kirby & the Amazing Mirror on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA).

These codes are for the U.S. version of the game.

  1. Master Code – Must Be On
    00004D4E 000A
    1014FA3C 0007
  2. Infinite Health
    32020FE0 0006
  3. Infinite Lives
    32020FE2 0003
  4. Infinite Whistle
    32020FBC 0003
  5. Kirby State Modifier
    32020FE3 00??

    • 00: Normal
    • 01: Fire
    • 02: Ice
    • 03: Burning
    • 04: Wheel
    • 05: Parasol
    • 06: Cutter
    • 07: Beam
    • 08: Stone
    • 09: Bomb
    • 0A: Throw
    • 0B: Sleep
    • 0C: Cook
    • 0D: Laser
    • 0E: U.F.O.
    • 0F: Spark
    • 10: Tornado
    • 11: Hammer
    • 12: Sword
    • 13: Cupid
    • 14: Fighter
    • 15: Magic
    • 16: Smash
    • 17: Mini
    • 18: Crash
    • 19: Missile
    • 1A: Master
  6. All Levels/Doors Accessed
    42028CA0 FFFF
    0000010D 0002
    Note: Even though the data isn’t exact, it still allows for 100% completion of the game when you beat the final boss.
  7. Open All Connections
    42028C10 0001
    00000013 0004
    Note: This opens all the shortcuts to the different areas, and probably opens a few extra doors.
  8. Have All Mirror Pieces
    32038970 00FF
    Note: This completes the mirror at the starting point of the game. To save the effect, go through a door.
  9. Have All Spray Paint In Collection
    82038974 3FFF
    Note: To save the effect, go through a door.
  10. Have Sound Player And All Music/Sounds In Collection
    82038978 07FF
    Note: To save the effect, go through a door.
  11. Have All Maps In Collection
    8203897C 03FF
    Note: To save the effect, go through a door.
  12. Have All Vitality Upgrades In Collection
    32038980 0004
    Note: This won’t take effect on your character until you ‘save’ by going through a door, quit, and go back into the game. It’s possible to increase your vitality beyond the game’s maximum by using a number higher than 4, but this isn’t neccesary since an infinite life code exists, and I don’t know what kind of an effect it would have on the game.
  13. Have All Chests/Switches Opened
    42038960 FFFF
    00000005 0002
    3203896A 000F
    Note: This affects completion percentage. You should also use this with all of the ‘Collection’ codes, since you can’t get them with the chests opened. Levers you have to press up to activate are also activated. To save the effect, go through a door.
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