GameShark Codes [US]

Madden Football 64 - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Madden Football 64 on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Infinite Time Outs Home Team80082D97 0003
No Time Outs Home Team80082D97 0000
Home Team Score Modifier80082D95 00??
Infinite Time Outs Away Team80084EE3 0003
No Time Outs Away Team80084EE3 0000
Away Team Score Modifier80084EE1 00??
Unlock Oakland Stadium80073510 00FF
Unlock Miami Stadium80073511 00FF
Unlock EA Sports Stadium80073512 00FF
Unlock Cleveland Stadium80073513 00FF
Unlock Houston Stadium80073514 00FF
Unlock Tiburon Stadium80073515 00FF
Unlock Washington Stadium80073516 00FF
Unlock Tampa Stadium80073517 00FF
Unlock Dallas Stadium80073518 00FF
Unlock Bonus Stadiums81073510 FFFF
81073512 FFFF
81073514 FFFF
81073516 FFFF
80073518 00FF
Unlock ’97 Conference A Team80073CF8 00FF
Unlock ’97 Conference B Team80073CF9 00FF
Unlock ’60 Conference B Team80073CFA 00FF
Unlock All ’70’s Team80073CFB 00FF
Unlock All ’80’s Team80073CFC 00FF
Unlock All Time Madden80073CFD 00FF
Unlock All Time Stats Leaders Team80073CFE 00FF
Unlock EA Sports Team80073CFF 00FF
Unlock Tiburon Team80073D00 00FF
Unlock Bonus Teams81073CF8 FFFF
80073D00 00F
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