GameShark Codes [US]

Madden NFL 2000 - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Madden NFL 2000 on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Home Team Infinite Time Outs8006CE7F 0003
Home Team No Time Outs8006EC7F 0000
Home Team Score Modifier8106EC8C ????
Home Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0000
810590AA 0001
Away Team Infinite Time Outs8006FE6F 0003
Away Team No Time Outs8006EF6F 0000
Away Team Score Modifier8106EF6C ????
Away Team Always Has The Ball810590A8 0001
810590AA 0000
Press GS Button For 1st Down89071B18 0001
Press GS Button For 4th Down89071B18 0004
P1 Press L For First DownD00753DD 0020
81071B18 0001
P1 Press R For Fourth DownD00753DD 0010
81071B18 0004
P2 Press L For First DownD00753E5 0020
81071B18 0001
P2 Press R For Fourth DownD00753E5 0010
81071B18 0004
P3 Press L For First DownD00753ED 0020
81071B18 0001
P3 Press R For Fourth DownD00753ED 0010
81071B18 0004
P4 Press L For First DownD00753F5 0020
81071B18 0001
P4 Press R For Fourth DownD00753F5 0010
81071B18 0004
Unlock Dodge City Stadium80059198 00FF
Unlock Xmas Rush Stadium80059199 00FF
Unlock Tib Bros. Stadium8005919A 00FF
Unlock Tiberium Stadium8005919B 00FF
Unlock Salvage Field Stadium8005919C 00FF
Unlock Gridiron Stadium8005919D 00FF
Unlock Alpha Blitz Stadium8005919E 00FF
Unlock Nile High Stadium8005919F 00FF
Unlock 4th And Incas Stadium800591A0 00FF
Unlock Maddenstein Stadium800591A1 00FF
Unlock Cosmodome Stadium800591A2 00FF
Unlock EA Sports Stadium800591A3 00FF
Unlock Tiburon Stadium800591A4 00FF
Unlock Tampa Bay Stadium800591A5 00FF
Unlock New Orleans Stadium800591A6 00FF
Unlock San Diego Stadium800591A7 00FF
Unlock All ’60s Team800598CC 00FF
Unlock All ’70s Team800598CD 00FF
Unlock All ’80s Team800598CE 00FF
Unlock All ’90s Team800598CF 00FF
Unlock Madden 1999 Team800598D0 00FF
Unlock Madden Millenium Team800598D1 00FF
Unlock NFL Millenium Team800598D2 00FF
Unlock EA Sports Team800598D3 00FF
Unlock Tiburon Team800598D4 00FF
Unlock Marshalls Team800598D5 00FF
Unlock Toymakers Team800598D6 00FF
Unlock Clowns Team800598D7 00FF
Unlock Praetorians Team800598D8 00FF
Unlock Junkyard Dogs Team800598D9 00FF
Unlock Industrials Team800598DA 00FF
Unlock Sugarbuzz Team800598DB 00FF
Unlock Mummies Team800598DC 00FF
Unlock Vipers Team800598DD 00FF
Unlock Monsters Team800598DE 00FF
Unlock Comets Team800598DF 00FF

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