GameShark Codes [US]

Mission: Impossible - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Mission: Impossible on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Infinite Health810862B2 FFFF
Weapon Modifier (Initial Gun Position)800A8EA5 00??
Infinite Ammo (Ininital Gun Position)800A8EA7 0063
Uzi With Infinite Ammo800A8EA7 0063
800A8EA5 0002
Weapon Modifier (Hands Position)800A8EB5 00??
Infinite Ammo (Hands Position)800A8EB7 0063
Weapon Modifier (Upper Right Hand Position)800A8EC5 00??
Infinite Ammo (Upper Right Hand Position)800A8EC7 0063
Make (Upper Right Hand Position) Equipable810A8EC0 8025
810A8EC2 2828
Sarah Appearance Modifier in Embassy Code8029A??D 0009
Can See All Level Pics (But Cannot Play Them)8008AC34 0002
Ice Hit Level Enabler Codes
Enable Subpen Level8008A846 0001
Recover Noc List Level Enabler Codes
Enable Embassy Function8008AB2A 0001
Enable Warehouse8008A652 0001
Enable K.G.B. HQ8008A666 0001
Enable Security Hallway8008A67A 0001
Enable Sewage Control8008A68E 0001
Enable Escape8008A6A2 0001
Enable Fire Alarm8008A6B6 0011
8008A6CA 0021
CIA Escape Level Enabler Codes
Enable Interogation8008AB3E 0001
Enable CIA Rooftop8008A6DE 0001
8008A706 0011
8008A71A 0041
8008A72E 0021
Enable Terminal Room8008A742 0081
8008A756 0001
Enable Rooftop Escape8008A76A 0081
8008A77E 0001
Mole Hunt Level Enabler Codes
Enable Station8008AB52 0001
Enable Train Car8008A7A6 0001
8008A7CE 0001
Enable Train Roof8008A7E2 0011
8008A7F6 0021
Ice Storm Level Enabler Codes
Enable Subpen8008AB66 0001
Enable Tunnel8008A5C6 0001
Enable Mainland8008A5DA 0001
Enable Test Level (???-Glitches)8008A5EE 0001
Enable Gunboat8008A602 0001
Quantity Digits to Accompany Sarah’s Appearance Modifier Code
0A – Large Cone Head
BA – Spiked Mutant #1
CA – Weird Lips
1A – Spiked Chest #1
2A – Messed up Colors
4A – Spiked Chest and Hands
5A – Spike Chest #2
6A – Spiked Mutant #2
7A – Weird Object on Her Head
0E – Black Upper body
4E – Weird Face
5E – Hole in Hip
BE – Head Band
7E – Alien Look
Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
00 – 9MM Hi Power
01 – Silenced Pistol
02 – Uzi
03 – Fists
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