GameShark Codes [US]

NBA Courtside Featuring Kobe Bryant 2 - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for NBA Courtside Featuring Kobe Bryant 2 on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Home Team Score Modifier813FE3F8 ????
Home Team Fouls Modifier813FE418 ????
Home Team Infinite Time Outs803FE3F6 0007
Home Team No Time Outs803FE3F6 0000
Home Team Infinite Turbo81117452 00FF
81117AF6 00FF
8111819A 00FF
8111883E 00FF
81118EE2 00FF
Home Team No Turbo81117452 0000
81117AF6 0000
8111819A 0000
8111883E 0000
81118EE2 0000
Away Team Score Modifier813FD7C8 ????
Away Team Fouls Modifier813FD7E8 ????
Away Team Infinite Time Outs803FD7C6 0007
Away Team No Time Outs803FD7C6 0000
Away Team Infinite Turbo8111531E 00FF
811159C2 00FF
81116066 00FF
8111670A 00FF
81116DAE 00FF
Away Team No Turbo8111531E 0000
811159C2 0000
81116066 0000
8111670A 0000
81116DAE 0000
No Shot Clock81113176 02D0
Press GS Button For Time Modifier8911318A ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Time Modifier Code
0001 – 00.1
1518 – 3:00
2A30 – 6:00
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