GameShark Codes [US]

NBA Hangtime - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for NBA Hangtime on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Infinite Shot Time800A6657 0001
Infinite Time810A665C 0000
810A665E 0300
Home Team Score Modifier800A6689 00??
Away Team Score Modifier800A668B 00??
Basket Point Modifier [1]800A714D 00??
Press GS Button to Give Player 1-4 The Ball800A710F 00??
P1 Always On Fire800A6EB1 0001
P2 Always On Fire800A6EB1 0002
P3 Always On Fire800A6EB1 0004
P4 Always On Fire800A6EB1 0008
P1 & P2 Always On Fire800A6BE1 0003
P3 & P4 Always On Fire800A6BE1 000C
All Players Always On Fire800A6BE1 000F
Infinite Turbo P1800A7071 0033
No Turbo P1800A7071 0000
Infinite Turbo P2800A7099 0033
No Turbo P2800A7099 0000
Infinite Turbo P3800A70C1 0033
No Turbo P3800A70C1 0000
Infinite Turbo P4800A70E9 0033
No Turbo P4800A70E9 0000
Infinite Time to Create Character800A7593 003C
Game Option Codes
Tournament Mode Always On800A7780 0001
Tournament Mode Always Off800A7780 0000
Big Head Mode Always On800A7781 0001
Big Head Mode Always Off800A7781 0000
Tag Arrow Always On800A7782 0001
Tag Arrow Always Off800A7782 0000
Shot Clock Always On800A7783 0001
Shot Clock Always Off800A7783 0000
CPU Assistance Always On800A7784 0001
CPU Assistnace Always Off800A7784 0000
Character Creation Codes
Max Height800A7581 000A
Max Weight800A7583 000A
Max Speed800A7585 000A
Max Power800A7587 000A
Max Shoot800A7589 000A
Max Dunks800A758B 000A
Max Steal800A758D 000A
Max Block800A758F 000A
Misc. Codes
P1 is Missing Their Body800A6621 0066
P2 is Missing Thier Body800A6625 0066
P3 is Missing Their Body800A6629 0066
P4 is Missing Thier Body800A662D 0066
In-Game Cheats, Affecting Non-CPU Characters
P1 Big Head800A6EB5 000F
P1 Huge Head800A6EB7 000F
Shot Percentage On800A6EB9 000F
No Arrows800A6EBB 000F
All Computer Assitance Turned Off800A6EBF 000F
Red/White/Blue Ball800A6EC1 000F
Play On Street Court800A6EC3 000F
Hot Spots On800A6EC5 000F
Tournament Mode800A6EC7 000F
Baby Size Players800A6EC9 000F
No Goal Tending800A6ECD 000F
Quick Hands800A6ED1 000F
Max. Power800A6ED3 000F
Max. Speed800A6ED5 000F
Hyper Speed800A6ED7 000F
Stealth Turbo800A6ED9 000F
Unlim. Turbo800A6EDB 000F
No Pushing800A6EDD 000F
Fast Passing800A6EDF 000F
Quantity Digits to Accompany GS Button to Give Player The Ball Code
00 – Player 1
01 – Player 2
02 – Player 3
03 – Player 4

[1]: With this code, change the ‘??’ to the number you want counted when a basket is made.

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