GameShark Codes [US]

NBA Jam 99 - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for NBA Jam 99 on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Home Team Codes
Infinite Time Outs800D5C7 50007
No Time Outs800D5C7F 0000
Score Modifier81160FFA ????
Scores 15081160FFA 0096
Enable Cheat 1st Player81182412 ????
Enable Cheat 2nd Player8118261E ????
Enable Cheat 3rd Player8118282A ????
Enable Cheat 4th Player81182A36 ????
Enable Cheat 5th Player81182C42 ????
1st Player Height Modifier811823BA 00??
1st Player Width Modifier811823C2 00??
2nd Player Height Modifier811825C6 00??
2nd Player Width Modifier811825CE 00??
3rd Player Height Modifier811827D2 00??
3rd Player Width Modifier811827DA 00??
4th Player Height Modifier811829DE 00??
4th Player Width Modifier811829E6 00??
5th Player Height Modifier81182BEA 00??
5th Player Width Modifier81182BF2 00??
Away Team Codes
Infinite Time Outs800D5C9B 0007
No Time Outs800D5C9B 0000
Score Modifier81160FFE ????
Scores 15081160FFE 0096
Enable Cheat 1st Player81182E4E ????
Enable Cheat 2nd Player8118305A ????
Enable Cheat 3rd Player81183266 ????
Enable Cheat 4th Player81183472 ????
Enable Cheat 5th Player8118367E ????
1st Player Height Modifier81182DF6 00??
1st Player Width Modifier81182DFE 00??
2nd Player Height Modifier81183002 00??
2nd Player Width Modifier8118300A 00??
3rd Player Height Modifier8118320E 00??
3rd Player Width Modifier81183216 00??
4th Player Height Modifier8118341A 00??
4th Player Width Modifier81183422 00??
5th Player Height Modifier81183626 00??
5th Player Width Modifier8118362E 00??
Character Creation Codes
Infinite Bonus Points8117E008 03E8
Infinite Creation Points [1]D0061269 0010
8117E008 03E8
D0061269 0020
8117E008 0000
Press GS Button For Max Speed8817DF75 0064
Press GS Button For Strength8817DF77 0064
Press GS Button For Dunk8817DF79 0064
Press GS Button For Short J8817DF7B 0064
Press GS Button For Outside J8817DF7D 0064
Press GS Button For Stamina8817DF7F 0064
Press GS Button For Rebounding8817DF81 0064
Press GS Button For Blocking8817DF83 0064
Press GS Button For Stealing8817DF85 0064
Press GS Button For F.T. Acc.8817DF87 0064
Press GS Button For 3P. Acc.8817DF89 0064
Press GS Button For BH Ability8817DF8B 0064
Press GS Button For Clutch8817DF8D 0064
Press GS Button For Passing8817DF8F 0064
Press GS Button For Offense8817DF91 0064
Press GS Button For Defense8817DF93 0064
Quantity Digits to Accompany Enable Cheat Modifier Codes
0001 – Always Make Your Shot
0004 – Full Court Dunks
0010 – Super Jumps
Quantity Digits to Accompany Height Modifier Codes
08 – Very Small
11 – Tiny
12-31 – Varies
32 – Large
3C – Very Large
Quantity Digits to Accompany Width Modifier Codes
0C – Very Small
14 – Tiny
15-3B – Varies
3C – Large
44 – Very Large

[1]: Press L to receive 1000 points. Then, press R to create your player.

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