Action Replay Codes [US]

Deep Labyrinth – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Deep Labyrinth on Nintendo DS (NDS).


    Max/Infinite HP
    1214c6c8 00007530
    1214c6cc 00007530

    Max/Infinite MP
    1214c6d0 00007530
    1214c6d4 00007530

    Quick Level Up
    0214c978 7fa06487

    Have All Spells
    0214c7c8 c171ddf7
    0214c7cc 0001a602


    Bronze Sword
    1214cb3c 0000270f

    Iron Sword
    0214cb40 0000270f

    Steel Sword
    0214cb44 0000270f

    Silver Sword
    0214cb48 0000270f

    Gold Sword
    0214cb4c 0000270f

    Magic Sword
    0214cb50 0000270f

    Cursed Sword
    0214cb54 0000270f

    Dragon Sword
    0214cb58 0000270f

    Falcon Sword
    0214cb5c 0000270f

    Redstone Sword
    0214cb60 0000270f

    Bamboo Blade
    0214cb64 0000270f


    2214c89e 00000063

    2214c89f 00000063

    2214c8a0 00000063

    2214c8a1 00000063

    2214c8a2 00000063

    2214c8a3 00000063

    2214c8a4 00000063

    2214c8a5 00000063

    Ametas Quol
    2214c8a6 00000063

    Iron Key
    2214c8a7 00000063

    Bronze Key
    2214c8a8 00000063

    Brass Key
    2214c8a9 00000063

    Silver Key
    2214c8aa 00000063

    Dynamos Key
    2214c8ab 00000063

    Rutile Key
    2214c8ac 00000063

    Sapphirus Key
    2214c8ad 00000063

    Golden Key
    2214c8ae 00000063

    Apollumi Key
    2214c8af 00000063

    Juicy Bone
    2214c8bd 00000063

    Bronze Sword
    2214c8be 00000063

    Iron Sword
    2214c8bf 00000063

    Steel Sword
    2214c8c0 00000063

    Silver Sword
    2214c8c1 00000063

    Golden Sword
    2214c8c2 00000063

    Magic Sword
    2214c8c3 00000063

    Cursed Sword
    2214c8c4 00000063

    Dragon Sword
    2214c8c5 00000063

    Falcon Sword
    2214c8c6 00000063

    Bronze Shield
    2214c8c7 00000063

    Iron Shield
    2214c8c8 00000063

    Steel Shield
    2214c8c9 00000063

    Silver Shield
    2214c8ca 00000063

    Golden Shield
    2214c8cb 00000063

    Magic Shield
    2214c8cc 00000063

    Cursed Shield
    2214c8cd 00000063

    Dragon Shield
    2214c8ce 00000063

    Falcon Shield
    2214c8cf 00000063

    Mirror Shield
    2214c8d0 00000063

    Immortal Shield
    2214c8d1 00000063

    Bronze Armor
    2214c8d2 00000063

    Iron Armor
    2214c8d3 00000063

    Steel Armor
    2214c8d4 00000063

    Silver Armor
    2214c8d5 00000063

    Golden Armor
    2214c8d6 00000063

    Magic Armor
    2214c8d7 00000063

    Cursed Armor
    2214c8d8 00000063

    Dragon Armor
    2214c8d9 00000063

    Falcon Armor
    2214c8da 00000063

    Mom’s Bubble
    2214c8db 00000063

    Dad’s Bubble
    2214c8dc 00000063

    Moon Pilnus
    2214c8dd 00000063

    Topazos Quol
    2214c8de 00000063

    Redstone Sword
    2214c8df 00000063

    Bluestone Shield
    2214c8e0 00000063

    Blackstone Armor
    2214c8e1 00000063

    Whitestone Ring
    2214c8e2 00000063

    Invisible Stone
    2214c8e3 00000063

    Cell Phone
    2214c8e4 00000063

    Veritas Ring
    2214c8e6 00000063

    Magic Ring
    2214c8e8 00000063

    Bamboo Blade
    2214c8e9 00000063

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