Action Replay Codes [US]

Feel the Magic: XY/XX – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Feel the Magic: XY/XX on Nintendo DS (NDS).


    Start on Level 10
    2206c49c 0000000a

    All Memories Unlocked
    0206c6a0 ffffffff

    Memories 1: All Complete
    2206c6a8 0000000a
    2206c6a9 0000000a
    2206c6aa 0000000a
    2206c6ab 0000000a
    2206c6ac 0000000a
    2206c6ae 0000000a
    2206c6af 0000000a
    2206c6b2 0000000a

    Memories 2: All Complete
    2206c6ad 0000000a
    2206c6b6 0000000a
    2206c6bc 0000000a
    2206c6bd 0000000a
    2206c6c2 0000000a
    2206c6c3 0000000a
    2206c6c4 0000000a

    Memories 3: All Complete
    2206c6b5 0000000a
    2206c6bb 0000000a
    2206c6be 00000001
    2206c6bf 00000001
    2206c6c0 00000001
    2206c6c1 00000001

    Memories 4: All Complete
    2206c6b0 00000001
    2206c6b1 00000001
    2206c6b3 00000001
    2206c6b4 00000001
    2206c6b7 00000001
    2206c6b8 00000001
    2206c6b9 00000001
    2206c6ba 00000001

    Press L for 3 Lives
    921b8580 fdff0200
    0206c4c8 00000003
    d0000000 00000000
    Do not use on boss fights.

    Press R to be on Stage 5
    921b8580 feff0100
    0206c49c 00000005
    d0000000 00000000
    Do not use on one stage levels.

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