Action Replay Codes [US]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: ARME-9E4D4642-C70AF12E

    Max Coins
    0233c4a4 05f5e0ff

    Hold Select+A While Loading For Debug Menu
    94000130 fffa0000
    1205e768 0000000c
    1205ef50 0000000c
    d2000000 00000000


    Max Current Level
    2233c474 00000064

    Quick Level Up
    2233c475 000000ff
    2233c476 000000ff

    Max HP
    1233c468 000003e8

    Full HP
    1233c46a 000003e8

    Max POW
    1233c46c 000003e8

    Max DEF
    1233c46e 000003e8

    Max SPEED
    1233c470 000003e8

    Max STACHE
    1233c472 000003e8

    Low Next EXP
    1233c478 00000001

    Lower All Stats To Level 4
    2233c474 00000004
    2233c475 00000000
    2233c476 00000000
    2233c477 00000000
    1233c468 00000063
    1233c46a 00000063
    1233c46c 00000014
    1233c46e 00000014
    1233c470 00000014
    1233c472 00000014
    1233c478 00000064


    Max Current Level
    2233c498 00000064

    Quick Level Up
    2233c499 000000ff
    2233c49a 000000ff

    Max HP
    1233c48c 000003e8

    Full HP
    1233c48e 000003e8

    Max POW
    1233c490 000003e8

    Max DEF
    1233c492 000003e8

    Max SPEED
    1233c494 000003e8

    Max STACHE
    1233c496 000003e8

    Low Next EXP
    1233c49c 00000001

    Lower All Stats To Level 4
    2233c498 00000004
    2233c499 00000000
    2233c49a 00000000
    2233c49b 00000000
    1233c48c 00000063
    1233c48e 00000063
    1233c490 00000014
    1233c492 00000014
    1233c494 00000014
    1233c496 00000014
    1233c49c 00000064


    Max Current Level
    2233c42c 00000064

    Quick Level Up
    2233c42d 000000ff
    2233c42e 000000ff

    Max HP
    1233c420 000003e8

    Full HP
    1233c422 000003e8

    Max POW
    1233c424 000003e8

    Max DEF
    1233c426 000003e8

    Max SPEED
    1233c428 000003e8

    Max STACHE
    1233c42a 000003e8

    Low Next EXP
    1233c430 00000001

    Lower All Stats To Level 4
    2233c42c 00000004
    2233c42d 00000000
    2233c42e 00000000
    2233c42f 00000000
    1233c420 00000063
    1233c422 00000063
    1233c424 00000014
    1233c426 00000014
    1233c428 00000014
    1233c42a 00000014
    1233c430 00000064


    Max Current Level
    2233c450 00000064

    Quick Level Up
    2233c451 000000ff
    2233c452 000000ff

    Max HP
    1233c444 000003e8

    Full HP
    1233c446 000003e8

    Max POW
    1233c448 000003e8

    Max DEF
    1233c44a 000003e8

    Max SPEED
    1233c44c 000003e8

    Max STACHE
    1233c44e 000003e8

    Low Next EXP
    1233c454 00000001

    Lower All Stats To Level 4
    2233c450 00000004
    2233c451 00000000
    2233c452 00000000
    2233c453 00000000
    1233c444 00000063
    1233c446 00000063
    1233c448 00000014
    1233c44a 00000014
    1233c44c 00000014
    1233c44e 00000014
    1233c454 00000064


    Max Mushrooms
    2233c4aa 00000063

    Max Super Mushrooms
    2233c4ab 00000063

    Max Ultra Mushrooms
    2233c4ac 00000063

    Max Max Mushrooms
    2233c4ad 00000063

    Max Mushroom Drops
    2233c4ae 00000063

    Max Super Drops
    2233c4af 00000063

    Max Ultra Drops
    2233c4b0 00000063

    Max 1-Up Mushrooms
    2233c4b1 00000063

    Max 1-Up Supers
    2233c4b2 00000063

    Max Refreshing Herbs
    2233c4b3 00000063

    Max Red Peppers
    2233c4b4 00000063

    Max Green Peppers
    2233c4b5 00000063

    Max Beans
    2233c4b6 00000063


    Max Green Shells
    2233c4ba 00000063

    Max Red Shells
    2233c4bb 00000063

    Max Bro. Flowers
    2233c4bc 00000063

    Max Ice Flowers
    2233c4bd 00000063

    Max Smash Eggs
    2233c4be 00000063

    Max Pocket Chomps
    2233c4bf 00000063

    Max Cannonballer
    2233c4c0 00000063

    Max Trampolines
    2233c4c0 00000063

    Max Copy Flowers
    2233c4c1 00000063

    Max Mix Flowers
    2233c4c2 00000063


    Max Wafer slacks
    2233c4cb 00000009

    Max Patched Slacks
    2233c4cc 00000009

    Max Wild Trousers
    2233c4cd 00000009

    Max Branded Slacks
    2233c4ce 00000009

    Max Puffy Trousers
    2233c4cf 00000009

    Max Shell Slacks
    2233c4d0 00000009

    Max Adult Trousers
    2233c4d1 00000009

    Max Muscle Slacks
    2233c4d2 00000009

    Max Svelte Slacks
    2233c4d3 00000009

    Max Block Trousers
    2233c4d4 00000009

    Max Shroom Slacks
    2233c4d5 00000009

    Max Star Trousers
    2233c4d6 00000009

    Max Para Slacks
    2233c4d7 00000009

    Max Royal Trousers
    2233c4d8 00000009

    Max Space Trousers
    2233c4d9 00000009

    Max Supreme Slacks
    2233c4da 00000009

    Max Silky Pants
    2233c4db 00000009

    Max Starchy Jeans
    2233c4dc 00000009

    Max Unarmed Jeans
    2233c4dd 00000009

    Max Preferred Pants
    2233c4de 00000009

    Max Heart Pants
    2233c4df 00000009

    Max Egg Pants
    2233c4e0 00000009

    Max Secret Jeans
    2233c4e1 00000009

    Max Thrilling Pants
    2233c4e2 00000009

    Max Tissue Pants
    2233c4e3 00000009

    Max Golden Pants
    2233c4e4 00000009

    Max Mushroom Jeans
    2233c4e5 00000009

    Max Stardust Pants
    2233c4e6 00000009

    Max Stache Jeans
    2233c4e7 00000009

    Max Royal Pants
    2233c4e8 00000009

    Max Rocket Jeans
    2233c4e9 00000009

    Max 100 Point Pants
    2233c4ea 00000009


    Training Badges
    2233c4fd 00000009

    Easy Badges
    2233c4fe 00000009

    Pep Badges
    2233c4ff 00000009

    Salvage Badges
    2233c500 00000009

    Wallet Badges
    2233c501 00000009

    Coin Badges
    2233c502 00000009

    EXP Badges
    2233c503 00000009

    Shroom Badges
    2233c504 00000009

    Big-DEF Badges
    2233c505 00000009

    Big-POW Badges
    2233c506 00000009

    Cure Badges
    2233c507 00000009

    Drain Badges
    2233c508 00000009

    Counter Badges
    2233c509 00000009

    Lucky Badges
    2233c50a 00000009

    Cash-Back Badges
    2233c50b 00000009

    Shroom Badges A
    2233c50c 00000009

    Cure Badges A
    2233c50d 00000009

    Drain Badges A
    2233c50e 00000009

    Dire-Free Badges
    2233c50f 00000009

    Dire-POW Badges
    2233c510 00000009

    DEF-Peak Badges
    2233c511 00000009

    POW-Peak Badges
    2233c512 00000009

    Coin Badges A
    2233c513 00000009

    EXP Badges A
    2233c514 00000009

    Salvage Badges A
    2233c515 00000009

    1-Chance Badges A
    2233c516 00000009

    Stomp Badges
    2233c517 00000009

    Pummel Badges
    2233c518 00000009

    Risk Badges
    2233c519 00000009

    Treasure Badges
    2233c51a 00000009

    Safety Badges
    2233c51b 00000009

    Rough Badges
    2233c51c 00000009

    Ulti-Free Badges
    2233c51d 00000009

    Dynamic Badges
    2233c51e 00000009

    Item-Fan Badges
    2233c51f 00000009

    Hit-POW Badges
    2233c520 00000009

    Hit-Free Badges
    2233c521 00000009

    Dynamic Badges A
    2233c522 00000009

    Simple Badges
    2233c523 00000009

    Lucky Badges A
    2233c524 00000009

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