Action Replay Codes [US]

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: Harvest Time Hop and Fly – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends: Harvest Time Hop and Fly on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: ASZE-050597D3


    Unlock All Gates
    94000130 000000ff
    0225e1a8 05050505
    2225e1ac 00000005
    d0000000 00000000

    All Levels Unlocked
    94000130 000000ff
    0225e190 01010101
    0225e194 01010101
    0225e198 01010101
    0225e19c 01010101
    0225e1a0 01010101
    0225e1a4 01010101
    d0000000 00000000

    All Fruit
    94000130 000000ff
    0225e1c4 0f141000
    0225e1c8 15131a1d
    0225e1cc 0f111021
    0225e1d0 1115181b
    0225e1d4 10231d14
    0225e1d8 0f0d0e0d
    0225e1dc 0f14100e
    0225e1e0 15131a1d
    0225e1e4 0f111021
    0225e1e8 1115181b
    0225e1ec 10231d14
    0225e1f0 0f0d0e0d
    2225e1f4 0000000e
    d0000000 00000000

    All Bug-a-Bonus Levels / Gallery Complete
    94000130 000000ff
    2225e1ad 00000001
    1225e1ae 00000101
    0225e1b0 01010101
    0225e1b4 01010101
    0225e1b8 01010101
    0225e1bc 01010101
    0225e1c0 01010101
    2225e1c4 00000001
    d0000000 00000000

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