Action Replay Codes [US]

Space Bust-A-Move – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Space Bust-A-Move on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: CB6E-8241541A

    Enable Trainer
    023ffe18 00000000
    023ffe1c 00000000

    L+R: Max Shop Points
    94000130 fcff0000
    02182494 000f423f
    d2000000 00000000

    (HOLD L) Press Up/Down: Guide On/Off
    94000130 fdbf0000
    121848ec 00000001
    d0000000 00000000
    94000130 fd7f0000
    121848ec 00000000
    d2000000 00000000

    Press X: More Shot Time
    927fffa8 fbff0000
    02182c08 0000ffff
    d2000000 00000000


    PRESS B+RIGHT For Rainbow Bubble
    94000130 ffed0000
    2218438c 00000009
    d2000000 00000000

    PRESS B+LEFT For Fire Bubble
    94000130 ffdd0000
    2218438c 0000000d
    d2000000 00000000

    PRESS B+DOWN For Bowling Ball
    94000130 ff7d0000
    2218438c 0000000b
    d2000000 00000000

    PRESS B+UP For Line Clear Bubble
    94000130 ffbd0000
    2218438c 0000000c
    d2000000 00000000

    PRESS X+Y For Color Clear Bubble
    927fffa8 f3ff0000
    2218438c 0000000a
    d2000000 00000000

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