Action Replay Codes [US]

Spectrobes – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Spectrobes on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: ASUE-939E98A8

    Max / Infinite Gura
    0212bd04 05f0e0ff

    Have All Gloves, Swords, Blasters & Armor
    0212bf6c ffffffff
    1212bf70 00003fff

    Max / Infinite Minerals (All)
    d5000000 63636363
    c0000000 0000000f
    d6000000 0212bf24
    d2000000 00000000
    Do not use with any of the HAVE SINGLE MINERAL CODES!

    Do not use with Max / Infinite Minerals (All) code!

    Power C Mineral
    2212bf24 00000001

    Power B Mineral
    2212bf25 00000001

    Power A Mineral
    2212bf26 00000001

    Power A+ Mineral
    2212bf27 00000001

    Def C Mineral
    2212bf28 00000001

    Def B Mineral
    2212bf29 00000001

    Def A Mineral
    2212bf2a 00000001

    Def A+ Mineral
    2212bf2b 00000001

    Health C Mineral
    2212bf2c 00000001

    Health B Mineral
    2212bf2d 00000001

    Health A Mineral
    2212bf2e 00000001

    Health A+ Mineral
    2212bf2f 00000001

    Agate Mineral
    2212bf30 00000001

    Lazuli Mineral
    2212bf31 00000001

    Graphite Mineral
    2212bf32 00000001

    Garnet Mineral
    2212bf33 00000001

    Onyx Mineral
    2212bf34 00000001

    Topaz Mineral
    2212bf35 00000001

    Jade Mineral
    2212bf36 00000001

    Amber Mineral
    2212bf37 00000001

    Zircon Mineral
    2212bf38 00000001

    Opal Mineral
    2212bf39 00000001

    Cobalt Mineral
    2212bf3a 00000001

    Citrine Mineral
    2212bf3b 00000001

    Fluorite Mineral
    2212bf3c 00000001

    Coral Mineral
    2212bf3d 00000001

    Sylvite Mineral
    2212bf3e 00000001

    Spinal Mineral
    2212bf3f 00000001

    Azurite Mineral
    2212bf40 00000001

    Quartz Mineral
    2212bf41 00000001

    Uranium Mineral
    2212bf42 00000001

    Titanium Mineral
    2212bf43 00000001

    Chrome Mineral
    2212bf44 00000001

    Platinum Mineral
    2212bf45 00000001

    Pearl Mineral
    2212bf46 00000001

    Sapphire Mineral
    2212bf47 00000001

    Emerald Mineral
    2212bf48 00000001

    Ruby Mineral
    2212bf49 00000001

    Diamond Mineral
    2212bf4a 00000001

    Gold Mineral
    2212bf4b 00000001

    Alpha CUbe
    2212bf4c 00000001

    Beta Cube
    2212bf4d 00000001

    Gamma Cube
    2212bf4e 00000001

    Delta Cube
    2212bf4f 00000001

    Epsilon Cube
    2212bf50 00000001

    Zeta Cube
    2212bf51 00000001

    Eta Cube
    2212bf52 00000001

    Theta Cube
    2212bf53 00000001

    Iota Cube
    2212bf54 00000001

    Kappa Cube
    2212bf55 00000001

    Lambda Cube
    2212bf56 00000001

    Mu Cube
    2212bf57 00000001

    Nu Cube
    2212bf58 00000001

    Xi Cube
    2212bf59 00000001

    Omicron Cube
    2212bf5a 00000001

    Pi Cube
    2212bf5b 00000001

    Rho Cube
    2212bf5c 00000001

    Sigma Cube
    2212bf5d 00000001

    Tau Cube
    2212bf5e 00000001

    Upsilon Cube
    2212bf5f 00000001

    Evolve Mineral
    2212bf60 00000001

    Chroma 1 Mineral
    2212bf61 00000001

    Chroma 2 Mineral
    2212bf62 00000001

    Chroma 3 Mineral
    2212bf63 00000001

    Max / Infinite Items (All)
    d5000000 63636363
    c0000000 00000007
    d6000000 0212bf74
    d2000000 00000000
    Do not use with any of the HAVE SINGLE ITEM CODES!

    Do not use with Max / Infinite Items (All) code!

    Jet Pack
    2212bf74 00000001

    Red Keystone
    2212bf75 00000001

    Green Keystone
    2212bf76 00000001

    Blue Keystone
    2212bf77 00000001

    Demag Unit
    2212bf78 00000001

    Kate’s Letter
    2212bf79 00000001

    Relic Crystal
    2212bf7a 00000001

    Neo Crystal
    2212bf7b 00000001

    Flame Geo
    2212bf7c 00000001

    Cyclone Geo
    2212bf7d 00000001

    Thunder Geo
    2212bf7e 00000001

    Hammer Geo
    2212bf7f 00000001

    Plasma Geo
    2212bf80 00000001

    Ice Geo
    2212bf81 00000001

    Wing Geo
    2212bf82 00000001

    Recovery Tool
    2212bf83 00000001

    Sonic Tool
    2212bf84 00000001

    Blast Tool
    2212bf85 00000001

    Solvent Liquid
    2212bf86 00000001

    Giga Tool
    2212bf87 00000001

    Basic Serum
    2212bf88 00000001

    Deluxe Serum
    2212bf89 00000001

    Super Serum
    2212bf8a 00000001

    Total Serum
    2212bf8b 00000001

    Basic Antidote
    2212bf8c 00000001

    Deluxe Antidote
    2212bf8d 00000001

    Super Antidote
    2212bf8e 00000001

    Total Antidote
    2212bf8f 00000001

    Rescue Antidote
    2212bf90 00000001

    Rescue Serum
    2212bf91 00000001

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