Action Replay Codes [US]

Theme Park – Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for Theme Park on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: A8QE-200244AD

    Max Balance
    020b4434 3b9ac9ff

    Max Available Cash
    021368ac 3b9ac9ff

    Loan Sub Total is Always $0.00
    021368b4 00000000

    Stocks are Worth Millions!
    020ba100 3b9ac9ff
    020ba104 00000000

    Own Max # of Stocks
    12136948 0000ffff


    Remodel: Quick Level Up
    120b8218 0000ffff

    Develop Rides: Quick Level Up
    120b821c 0000ffff

    Develop Shops: Quick Level Up
    120b8220 0000ffff

    Staff Training: Quick Level Up
    120b8224 0000ffff

    Develop Facilities: Quick Level Up
    120b8228 0000ffff

    Remodel Facilities: Quick Level Up
    120b822c 0000ffff


    Max Ice Cream In Stock
    220b4250 0000005a

    Max Fries In Stock
    220b4262 0000005a

    Max Cola In Stock
    220b4274 0000005a

    Max Burgers In Stock
    220b4286 0000005a

    Max Breads In Stock
    220b42bc 0000005a

    Max Beer In Stock
    220b4298 0000005a

    Max Steak In Stock
    220b42aa 0000005a


    Max Park Value This Year
    020ba0b0 3b9ac9ff

    Max Share Value This Year
    020ba100 3b9ac9ff

    $0.00 Dividends Out This Year
    020b8254 00000000

    Max Share Value Last Year
    020b8264 3b9ac9ff

    Max Maximum Loan Last Year
    020b826c 3b9ac9ff

    $0.00 Expenses Last Year
    020b8274 00000000

    $0.00 Dividends Out Last Year
    020b827c 00000000

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