Retro Achievements

Anticipation (NES) – List of Retro Achievements

Wait a minute… achievements? I don’t remember achievements for this game. That is because there were not any, but there are now! See Below

Completed the Circle
Complete the first board
Survived the Square
Complete the second board
Passed the Pentagon
Complete the third board
Hopped the Holes
Complete the fourth board
That Was Easy
Win a game on Easy against at least one CPU
Winner’s Circle
Win a game on Medium against at least one CPU
Not So Hard
Win a game on Hard against at least one CPU
What a Challenge
Win a game on Very Hard against at least one CPU
Versus Victory
Win a game against one CPU
Win a game against two CPUs
Full Party
Win a game against three CPUs
A Lap Ahead
Win a game against three CPUs without any CPU players on the last board
Bottomed Out
Win a game against three CPUs with at least one CPU player still on the first board
Shut Out
Win a game against three CPUs without letting any CPU player solve a puzzle
Controlling Your Destiny
Win a game by solving a puzzle selected using a gray tile
Win a game with at least 600 points
Careful Guesser
Win a game without entering any incorrect letters
Who Needs a Keyboard
Enter a four letter or longer answer in under five seconds
Buzzer Beater
Solve a puzzle just before the die turns to zero
Connect the Dots
Solve a dot puzzle before any lines have been drawn
Solve a non-dot puzzle when the die is on five or six
Something Abstract
Solve a Whatchamacallit puzzle
Perfect Board
Complete a board in only four puzzles
Collect a color that you already have
Win the same color three times in a row
Puzzle Pauper
Complete the first board with only 70 points
To Your Corners
Land on all four corners of the second board
Making the Rounds
Land on all three gray squares on the third board in one turn
Spin Out
Land on a gray tile
That’s Not a Valid Space
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