Retro Achievements

Burger Time (NES) – List of Retro Achievements

Wait a minute… achievements? I don’t remember achievements for this game. That is because there were not any, but there are now! See Below

Side Order
Collect an ice cream, coffee, or french fries item.
I’m Lovin’ It
Beat the default high score
The Basics of Burger Making
Complete Level 1
Ketchup or Mustard?
Complete Level 2
Pickles or Relish?
Complete Level 3
Lettuce Be Fresh!
Complete Level 4
Egg On Your Face
Complete Level 5
Master Burger Maker
Complete Level 6
I Think I’m Gonna Sneeze
Complete Level 1 without using any pepper.
Don’t Sneeze!
Complete Level 2 without using any pepper.
Complete Level 3 without using any pepper.
Bless You.
Complete Level 4 without using any pepper.
Complete Level 5 without using any pepper.
Complete Level 6 without using any pepper.
Tiny Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 1 without dying.
Little Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 2 without dying.
Big Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 3 without dying
Bigger Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 4 without dying.
Giant Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 5 without dying.
MONSTER Chef Scrambler
Complete Level 6 without dying. is a community who collaborates and competes with one another to earn custom-made achievements in classic games through emulation. Achievements are made by and for the community. New achievements for the wide variety of games as well as new games are added regularly. Not already participating but eager to? Sign Up Here!

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