Retro Achievements

Captain America and the Avengers (NES) – List of Retro Achievements

Wait a minute… achievements? I don’t remember achievements for this game. That is because there were not any, but there are now! See Below

The fight is over
Complete the game
Is it High?
Beat High-score
It is High
Get more that 400.000 score
We are Power!
Connect Captain and Hawkeye
Captain is free
Get Captain’s life
Hawkeye is free
Get Hawkeye’s life
Captain America got the power
Upgrade Captain’s power level to full
Hawkeye got the power
Upgrade Hawkeye’s power level to full
The Avengers!
Upgrade Captain’s and Hawkeye’s power level to full
I cannot swim!
Complete the game without swim
Easy alarm
Complete Red Alert (type 1) without taking damage
Challenge accepted
Complete Red Alert (type 2) without taking damage
The hero is here
Complete Red Alert (Dynamite Napalm) without taking damage
The alarm is canceled
Complete Red Alert (Dynamite Napalm and Fire Man) without taking damage
Wizard is gone
Defeat Wizard without taking damage
Ultron is gone
Defeat Ultron without taking damage
Crossbones will be back
Defeat Crossbones in Salt Lake City without taking damage
Now Crossbones is gone
Complete Colony without taking damage
Flawless victory
Defeat Red skull without taking damage
Defeat Mandarin in Avengers Park without taking damage
Defeat Dynamite Napalm in Avengers Park without taking damage
Does not burn
Defeat Fire Man in Avengers Park without taking damage
We will not be caught
Complete the game without using continue
The Avenger
Complete the game only by Captain (Do not pick Hawkeye)
Red skull will lose
Complete the game without losing a life
No need for power stone
Complete the game without upgrade power level
I was in Miami
Complete Miami
I was in Montgomery
Complete Montgomery
I was in New Orleans
Complete New Orleans
I was in Portsmouth
Complete Portsmouth
I was in Dallas
Complete Dallas
I was in Denver
Complete Denver
I was in Phoenix
Complete Phoenix
I was in Portland
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