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Extra Damage
Use the Cutman Blade or Elecman Beam to hit an opponent. Rapidly tap Start or Select repeatedly when your opponent is hit by the weapon to allow the single hit to be counted as multiple attacks.

Robot Master Weaknesses

  • Bomb Man: Fire Storm (Fire Man’s Weapon)
  • Cut Man: Super Arm (Guts Man’s Weapon)
  • Elec Man: Rolling Cutter (Cut Man’s Weapon)
  • Fire Man: Ice Slasher (Ice Man’s Weapon)
  • Guts Man: Hyper Bomb (Bomb Man’s Weapon)
  • Ice Man: Thunder Beam (Elec Man’s Weapon)

Robot Master Order
While you can defeat the Robot Masters in any order, a common order to defeat them in is Bomb Man, Guts Man, Cut Man, Elec Man, Ice Man and Fire Man. After defeating Bomb Man with just your Mega Buster, each following Robot Master has a weakness to the prior one defeated.

Dr. Wily Stage Boss Weaknesses

  • Yellow Devil: Thunder Beam (Elec Man)
  • Copy Bot (Duplicate of Mega Man): Fire Storm (Fire Man)
  • CWU-01P (Robot in Bubble): Super Arm (Guts Man) & Thunder Beam (Elec Man)
  • Wily Machine Part 1: Fire Storm (Fire Man)
  • Wily Machine Part 2: Thunder Beam (Elec Man)
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