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1942 - Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for 1942 on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
  1. Both Players Start With 9 Rolls
  2. Start With 6 Lives, 1-Player Game Only
  3. Start With 9 Lives, 1-Player Game Only
  4. After Continue, Player 1 Has 6 Lives In 2-Player Game
  5. After Continue, Player 1 Has 9 Lives In 2-Player Game
  6. Player 2 Has 6 Lives In 2-Player Game
  7. Player 2 Has 9 Lives In 2-Player Game
  8. Infinite Lives P1
  9. Infinite Rolls P1
  10. Mostly Invincible
    Note: You can still die from touching some rare planes, but this essentially gives you the maximum protection needed.
  11. Most Enemies Die Instantly
    Note: One of the types of planes that does not get destroyed can kill you, even if you have “Mostly Invincible” enabled above. They become 5000 point tokens when defeated.
These codes have been collected from around the web and all credit goes to the original poster of the code. Notes associated with any code may be written by the original code creator. Some notes have been added or modified from their original source.

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