Game Genie Codes

RoboCop 2 - Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for RoboCop 2 on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
  1. Infinite Energy
  2. Infinite Lives 1
  3. Infinite Time 2
  4. Infinite Nuke (“N”) On Pick-Up 3
  5. Infinite Time 4
  6. Nukes Worth 10 Each 5


  1. You do have Infinite lives, but you get the game over screen every time you lose a life, but after the Game Over screen and high scores, you start a new life.
  2. This code totally screws up the screen, causing it to be a mismash of assorted Graphics. Don’t use this code unless you want a challenge!
  3. As long as you don’t die and have to start over again, (just use the Infinite Lives code) you keep the Nuke you’ve collected so far, and can add to it. No more going to the shooting range!
  4. This version doesn’t cause graphical errors.
  5. If you get over 9 nukes, the 10s digit will look wrong, but it’ll be the correct number of nukes you collected multiplied by 10.
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