Action Replay Codes [US]

The Battle of Olympus - Action Replay Codes [US]

The following are known Action Replay Codes for The Battle of Olympus on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The codes will work with the region specified but may work for other regions as well.
  1. Infinite Health
  2. Speed Scroll 1
  3. Infinite Olives
  4. Set Max. Health Meter
  5. Invincibility
  6. Set All Equipment #1 2
  7. Set All Equipment #2 3
  8. Set Heart Fragment #3
  9. Set Fire Upgrade For Staff 4
  10. Switch F/X On To Levitate Jump
  11. Stage “Area” Select 5


  1. Scrolling to the left or right sometimes go a lot faster.
  2. Includes Club/Staff/Sword/Divine Sword/Harp/Ocarina/Eye. Switch f/x off after you load the equipment.
  3. Includes Crystal/Sandels/Shield/Salamander Shield/Bracelet/Key/Heart Fragments 1 & 2. Switch effects off after you load the equipment.
  4. Switch effects off after you load the upgrade.
  5. To activate, load the value then hit start 2x then you should warp to the selected stage. This code is very unstable and may cause you to get stuck or freeze the game. Switch effects off after you selected a stage to avoid freezing as well.

    00 – Arcadia
    01 – Attica
    02 – Argolis
    03 – Peloponessus
    04 – Laconia
    05 – Phthia
    06 – Crete
    07 – Phrygia
    08 – Tartarus #1
    09 – Tartarus #2
    0A – Tartarus #3
    0B – Tartarus #4

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