Game Genie Codes

Bo Jackson Two Games In One – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Bo Jackson Two Games In One on Nintendo Game Boy.


  1. 01F-13C-F7A
    1 ball and you walk
  2. 02F-13C-F7A
    2 balls and you walk
  3. 05F-13C-F7A
    5 balls and you walk
  4. 00E-C5C-3BA
    Strikes are not counted (Ignore the message, you need 4 balls to walk)
  5. 003-E88-3BA
    Outs are not counted
  6. 01E-87C-E66
    1 strike and you are out
  7. 02E-87C-E66
    2 strikes and you are out
  8. 008-3C8-3BA + 008-268-3BA
    No scoring (Switch off to score)
  9. Football

  10. F05-6EC-6E9
    Infinite time
  11. 010-68B-E66
    Start with 1 timeout
  12. 020-68B-E66
    Start with 2 timeouts
  13. 0A0-68B-E66
    Start with 10 timeouts
  14. 000-12A-3BE
    Infinite timeouts
  15. F07 D0B 6E9
    Always 1st down

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