Game Genie Codes

Bubble Bobble Part 2 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Bubble Bobble Part 2 on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. AFE-33A-19E
    Kill 1 enemy to go to the next level
  2. FAB-CEE-4C1
    Infinite hearts
  3. 3E8-39F-081 + 138-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D
    Start on round 20
  4. 3E8-39F-081 + 278-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D
    Start on round 40
  5. 3E8-39F-081 + 3B8-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D
    Start on round 60
  6. 015-5CE-E66
    Start with 1 heart
  7. 065-5CE-E66
    Start with 6 hearts
  8. 095-5CE-E66
    Start with 9 hearts
  9. C97-8AE-E66
    No big bubbles appear
  10. FA5-58E-4C1 + FAB-46E-4C1 + FAB-63E-4C1
    Run into 1 enemy and you will remain invincible for the rest of the game

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