Game Genie Codes

Dig Dug – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Dig Dug on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 008-1BB-19E
    Infinite Lives
  2. Note: The display will still show 3 Lives

  3. 06B-ACA-E66
    Start with 6 Lives
  4. 09B-ACA-E66
    Start with 9 Lives
  5. 02B-ACA-E66
    Start with 2 Lives
  6. 004-50C-3BE
    When Pookas are partially inflated, they do not shrink.
  7. 046-D9C-E6E + 043-9ED-E6E + 047-8EB-E6E
    1 pump kills a monster instantly.
  8. Note: For the following codes, the display will still say Level 1

  9. 3EC-D9A-08A + 04C-DAA-E62
    Start on Level 4
  10. 3EC-D9A-08A + 02C-DAA-E62
    Start on Level 2
  11. 3EC-D9A-O8A + 09C-DAA-E62
    Start on Level 9

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