Game Genie Codes

Donkey Kong Land – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Donkey Kong Land on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. C3D-A0B-E61
    Lose all of your lives when you die
  2. C9D-FDB-4C1
    If you get hit, you so not change characters until you are back at the map screen
  3. 3E0-81B-4CA
  4. 002-1FB-3BE
    Change the soundtrack
  5. 00E-899-F7E + 00E-958-F7E
    Start with 1 life
  6. 08E-899-F7E + 08E-958-F7E
    Start with 9 lives
  7. 0EE-899-F7E + 0EE-958-F7E
    Start with 15 lives
  8. 63E-899-F7E + 63E-958-F7E
    Start with 99 lives
  9. 00D-9DB-3BE + 21D-A0B-E61
    Infinite lives
  10. 004-C6B-3BE + 3E4-C0B-3B2
    Each banana gives you a lot of lives (Switch this off when you have enough lives)

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