Game Genie Codes

Hit the Ice – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Hit the Ice on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 00A-54E-E6E
    Infinite time
  2. 02A-54E-E6E
    Time moves faster
  3. 002-97D-3BA
    Infinite Super Shots
  4. 012-99D-C42
    Only 1 Super Shot allowed
  5. 052-99D-C42
    5 Super Shots allowed
  6. 0A2-99D-C42
    10 Super Shots allowed
  7. 011-F6B-F7E
    1-minute periods in Vs. Mode
  8. 021-F6B-F7E
    2-minute periods in Vs. Mode
  9. 0A1-F6B-F7E
    10-minute periods in Vs. Mode
  10. 1004-39B-E6E
    Neither team can score
  11. Note: For next three codes, you get 20 seconds for the first shot, then the respective code takes effect.

  12. 0A1-97E-6EA
    10 seconds in Short Race
  13. 0F1-97E-6EA
    15 seconds in Short Race
  14. 051-97E-6EA
    5 seconds in Short Race

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