Game Genie Codes

Killer Instinct – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Killer Instinct on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 002-199-19E
    Infinite time
  2. 103-1CD-80C
    Round starts with 10 seconds
  3. 303-1CD-80C
    Round starts with 30 seconds
  4. 503-1CD-80C
    Round starts with 50 seconds
  5. 753-1CD-80C
    Round starts with 75 seconds
  6. FA7-B0B-4C1
    Infinite energy
  7. 012-EAD-919
    Strart with very little energy
  8. 4B2-EAD-919
    Strart with 25% energy
  9. 882-EAD-919
    Strart with 50% energy
  10. B42-EAD-919
    Strart with 75% energy
  11. 00B-428-6E2
    Fierce Tiger Fury does no damage
  12. 88B-428-6E2
    Fierce Tiger Fury does more damage
  13. FFB-428-6E2
    Fierce Tiger Fury kills
  14. 00B-698-916
    Fierce Wind Kick does no damage
  15. 88B-698-916
    Fierce Wind Kick does more damage
  16. FFB-698-916
    Fierce Wind Kick kills
  17. 00B-838-91E
    Fierce Laser Blade does no damage
  18. 88B-838-91E
    Fierce Laser Blade does more damage
  19. FFB-838-91E
    Fierce Laser Blade kills

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