Game Genie Codes

Robocop 2 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Robocop 2 on Nintendo Game Boy.

    Note: There are two versions of this game. If you try the Version A codes and they do not work, try the Version B codes.

    Version A Codes

  1. C95-9CE-C49
    Infinite energy on scrolling levels
  2. AF4-D9A-3B7
    Infinite energy on ED-209 ™ levels
  3. 02A-E8E-F7A
    Start with 2 lives
  4. 05A-E8E-F7A
    Start with 5 lives
  5. B60-C2D-3BE
    Infinite lives
  6. C95-48E-C49
    Infinite time except on Stage 3 and Stage 8
  7. Version B Codes

  8. 010-17B-2AA
    Start with 1 energy
  9. 060-17B-2AA
    Start with 6 energy
  10. 090-17B-2AA
    Start with 9 energy
  11. FA9-CAE-4C1
    Infinite energy
  12. 00C-50D-3BE
    Infinite time
  13. 011-D8E-6EA
    Start with 1 shotgun shot
  14. 061-D8E-6EA
    Start with 6 shotgun shots
  15. 091-D8E-6EA
    Start with 9 shotgun shots
  16. FAB-4DE-4C1
    Infinite shots
  17. 005-15F-A22
    No men are in the windows

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