Game Genie Codes

Speedy Gonzales – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Speedy Gonzales on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 00A-8A8-E66
    Start 1st game with 1 Life
  2. 06A-8A8-E66
    Start 1st game with 7 Lives
  3. 09A-8A8-E66
    Start 1st game with 10 Lives
  4. 024-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28*
    Start in Forest Zone
  5. 034-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28*
    Start in Desert Zone
  6. 044-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28*
    Start in County Zone
  7. 054-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28*
    Start in Cheese Island Zone
  8. Note: * After entering the code, select the Password Option on the Title Screen and enter 500999 to begin on that zone in the code.

  9. FAC-A9B-4C1
    Infinite Lives
  10. FA9-40B-4C1
    Infinite Time
  11. 00D-87B-E66
    Start continued games with 1 Life
  12. 06D-87B-E66
    Start continued games with 7 Lives
  13. 09D-87B-E66
    Start continued games with 10 Lives
  14. 05E-F6C-C4E
    Start with 1/2 Time
  15. 07E-F6C-C4E
    Start with 3/4 Time

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