Game Genie Codes

Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land on Nintendo Game Boy.

  1. 10B 7D8 F7E
    Start with 10 Lives
  2. 25B 7D8 F7E
    Start with 25 Lives
  3. 50B 7D8 F7E
    Start with 50 Lives
  4. 99B 7D8 F7E
    Start with 99 Lives
  5. 00B 7E8 E6E
    Start as Small Wario
  6. 02B 7E8 E6E
    Start as Bull Wario
  7. 03B 7E8 E6E
    Start as Jet Wario
  8. 04B 7E8 E6E
    Start as Dragon Wario
  9. FAD 63F 4C1
    Do not lose current power-up when you get hit or get a new power-up
  10. 10B 7C8 E6A
    Start with 10 Hearts
  11. 25B 7C8 E6A
    Start with 25 Hearts
  12. 50B 7C8 E6A
    Start with 50 Hearts
  13. 99B 7C8 E6A
    Start with 99 Hearts
  14. 10B 7B8 E6A
    Start with 10 Coins
  15. 25B 7B8 E6A
    Start with 25 Coins
  16. 50B 7B8 E6A
    Start with 50 Coins
  17. 99B 7B8 E6A
    Start with 99 Coins
  18. 01B 7F8 E6A
    Start on Course 26
  19. 103 E4F E6E
    Get 10 Hearts for killing an enemy
  20. 253 E4F E6E
    Get 25 Hearts for killing an enemy
  21. 503 E4F E6E
    Get 50 Hearts for killing an enemy
  22. 993 E4F E6E
    Get 99 Hearts for killing an enemy
  23. 003 AAB E62 + C96 C0C 4C1
    Most enemies and obstacles are invisible

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